Straits Times should warn M. Insider: BN's Abdul Rahman


Straits Times should warn M. Insider: BN's Abdul Rahman

Straits Times should warn M. Insider: BN's Abdul Rahman

Thursday, December 8, 2011
  • Abdul Rahman Dahlan
Kota Belud MP to M. Insider - stop editorialising news of other publications

KUALA LUMPUR: Straits Times of Singapore should issue a warning letter to the Malaysian news portal, The Malaysian Insider for editing its article.


This was the opinion of Barisan Nasional MP for Kota Belud Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan an article headlined “Umno leader linked to Alstom bribery scandal, says Singapore daily” published by the portal on Monday.


“I hope Straits Times (ST) will issue a warning letter to the writer of the article and the portal. Otherwise their articles will continue to be butchered,” Abdul Rahman said.


“Even the headline of the article is misleading. It appeared as though ST had written “an Umno man” in their article when actually they did not. It’s the writer who added the word,” he added.


Abdul Rahman had criticised the article on his Twitter, and expressed some strong opinions and harsh words against the writer and the portal.


Previously The Mole had reported on the misreporting by TMI about the “election war chest”, quoting the same Singaporean daily on the article “Felda faces barriers to going public” also written by Debra Chong.


Blogger Rocky Bru had published the original article by ST written by Leslie Lopez which did not state or

mention the words "election war chest" anywhere in the article.


Commenting on this, Abdul Rahman said: “If TMI wants to editorialise their news, they should keep it in their editorial page, but not in the news.”


The reporter, Abdul Rahman stressed, should quote the source as it is without editing or modifying it.


The Malaysian Insider report was based on a Singapore Straits Times news piece regarding Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) raid on Teknologi Tenaga Perlis Consortium (TTPC). Former Dewan Negara President and ex-Perlis Menteri Besar Tan Sri Dr Abdul Hamid Pawanteh is the chairman of the consortium.


When asked about criticisms on his Twitter where people asked whether he was defending the graft activity, he explained: “To me it is very simple, if people from Umno or DAP were corrupted, penalised him, but never associate it with his political affiliation otherwise the issue would be politicised.”


Meanwhile, Abdul Hamid Pawanteh in a press release sent to TMI yesterday had said the allegations contained in the report were totally baseless and malicious.