State Pas leaders want hudud implemented if Pakatan wins.


State Pas leaders want hudud implemented if Pakatan wins.

State Pas leaders want hudud implemented if Pakatan wins.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
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State Pas confirmed they would get hudud to be implemented if Pakatan wins the election

KUALA LUMPUR: Two State Pas leaders said they want hudud to be implemented if Pakatan Rakyat wins the general election.


Its Johor commissioner Datuk Mahfodz Mohamed said Pas will pursue the matter with its other partners in Pakatan, the DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), to ensure hudud can be implemented.


“There must be a win-win situation for Pas with PKR and DAP on hudud. If the coalition wins the election, I believe Pas will be able to convince them about it,” Mahfodz said.


Mahfodz who recently had come out strongly on Pas’ right in hudud implementation believed Pas would convince Pakatan on implementing hudud through discussions and talks and that the partners would eventually agree to it.


Yesterday DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim told The Mole it would be suprising for Pas to drop its pursuit for the implementation of hudud as it has been the party's agenda since its inception.


Selangor Pas commissioner Dr Abdul Rani Osman shared Mahfodz views, saying Pas is heading towards having hudud implemented in the country.


“We believe if we have fulfilled all the conditions on the implementation of hudud, it is compulsory (wajib) for the law to be implemented by the government,” Dr Abdul Rani said.


Although hudud will not be implemented immediately as various processes would need to be taken, he was positive the Pakatan parties would give Pas the go-ahead in implementing the law.


This, he said was due to the openness among Pakatan leaders towards hudud, especially from the DAP.


“Honestly, when the issue was brought up again recently, I received many hostile messages from some DAP members, but alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah) over time, they have started to accept it,” he added.


The Meru assemblyman said Pas have plans to organise seminars and dialogue sessions for DAP leaders and members to give better understanding about the hudud.


“If hudud is implemented in Malaysia, it will be a great blessing for this country,” Dr Abdul Rani said.


However, Kedah DAP chairman Lee Guan Aik when contacted said he had nothing much to comment on the matter as his party had clearly stated that it rejected hudud.


When asked about Kedah’s plan to implement hudud, Lee said, “even if the State Government wants to follow Kelantan, it will not be easy.”


Kelantan and Kedah are both under Pas rule.


Lee who is Kota Darul Aman assemblyman said Pas will have to propose to the state government (on the implementation of hudud in Kedah) and then secure the majority support first.


“Similarly at the Federal level, even if Pakatan wins, they will have to do the same. They need to propose for the amendment of the constitution and get the majority support.”


Thus, Lee said it would be an almost impossible task for Pas to secure the majority support as it would not be able to convince the other parties in Pakatan as well as Barisan Nasional to agree to the implementation of hudud.