Something seriously wrong...


Something seriously wrong...

Something seriously wrong...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
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Hidden agenda at play due to the challenging political environment?

Forrrestcat, a regular commenter in this blog, pointed out a most interesting phenomenon.

He had observed:


“Even if there are articles [in The Star] that is anti DAP once a while, it is always to quote some UMNO leader hence making the articles as hate bait against UMNO. [...] Which shows the ethos of The Star, if it says bad things about DAP, it is from the mouth of UMNO leaders …”

Meaning that whenever the paper is forced to print something negative about DAP, it will frame the scene as Umno leaders saying nasty things about the Chinese opposition rather than publishing opinion-editorials by its own writers in their own names, e.g.


Muhyiddin: DAP a racist party (The Star, 19 Dec 2012)


It’s DAP’s attempt to widen influence, chauvinistic approach, says Muhyiddin(The Star, 16 Dec 2012.


Pakatan’s ‘supreme’ leaders are hypocrites, says Khairy‘ (The Star, 6 Apr 2012)


The Star‘s “race bait”


As we know, DAP has adamantly painted the deputy prime minister as a Malay ultra. If The Star screams in its headline – cited above – that Muhyiddin says DAP is racist, there’s more than a chance that readers will simply dismiss the allegation as mere name-calling.


On the other hand, DAP has been relentlessly brainwashing opposition supporters that Muhyiddin is “Malay First” (code word for Race Bigot).


“Justice”, “freedom”, “human dignity”, “integrity”, “righteousness”, “above race”, blah blah blah are all fine words difficult to fault particularly when any DAP detractor is further accused as being a godless infidel (perangai kafir-mengkafir DAPster sebiji macam orang PAS).


A headline like ‘Muhyiddin: DAP a racist party’ will not convince the paper’s Jerusubang diehards and will only have the opposite effect, backfiring.

Forrrestcat is correct to say that the approach taken by The Star is setting “hate bait”.


It don’t gel


There is nothing else, no other content, in The Star which shores up Muhyiddin’s statement reported as a one-off. An analogy would be if tomorrow Utusan were to publish an article quoting Dr Chen Man Hin (DAP veteran) as saying Bintang Tiga are freedom fighters.


Can Utusan readers be readily convinced that communist equals hero? Such a thought is as out of sync in Utusan as DAP-equals-racist is in The Star milieu.


The Star has thousands of journalists but you can count those who have ever written critically about DAP 2.0 on the fingers of one hand.