Putting the cart before the horse


Putting the cart before the horse

Putting the cart before the horse

Friday, December 16, 2011
  • Chinese MCA
Chinese people in Malaya...commemorated China’s National Day and also the birth and death of Kuomintang founder Sun Yat-sen.

KUALA LUMPUR: Blogger Helen Ang has hit out at “Pakatan (Rakyat) supporters who accuse BN (Barisan Nasional) of playing the race card”, saying they “must first sort out which is the horse and which is the cart, and put them in their correct order.”


In a blog post entitled ‘Why blame MCA for Chinese being Chinese?’, Ang said that while some people believe the country's social landscape is a product of its race politics, in reality the opposite is true.


“Attacking the BN communal formula (Umno for Malays, MCA for Chinese, MIC for Indians and so on) is quite typical of Pakatan campaigners,” she said, “but ignores a necessary understanding of the facts of history.”


Ang pointed out that Chinese people in Malaya keenly followed developments in China both before and after World War II – even galvanising local support to aid China against Japan – and that they commemorated China’s National Day and also the birth and death of Kuomintang founder Sun Yat-sen.


“These developments indicate a China-imbued identity consciousness and by extension a Chinese self-identity among inhabitants here,” she said.


“Why did the events mentioned garner wide participation? Answer: Because the Chinese pre-Merdeka perceived themselves as China nationals.”


“Chinese newspapers in Malaya used to refer to China as ‘our homeland’ and ‘our country’,” she said, “and their content showed a keen interest in affairs of the Chinese mainland. In fact, Kwong Wah Yit Poh was founded by Sun Yat-sen."


“How can and why should one put the blame on MCA for the Chinese being Chinese?” she asked.


In the December 16 post – a longer version of which appeared as a letter to the editor at Free Malaysia Today on December 15 – Ang said that Pakatan Rakyat supporters who accuse Umno of Chinese-bashing should remember that Umno and Malays are also on the receiving end of bashing in news portals and social media networks on a daily basis.


“At last count, Umno has 3,297,358 registered members,” she pointed out. “Multiply this figure of 3.3 million with 2-3 other adult family members in an average Malay household to realise the ocean of individuals implicated by the opposition trope that Umno is the Lord of Darkness and embodiment of pure evil.”


She added that alternative media have a bias that is “reflected in the one-sided criticisms that proliferate in their pages”.


“Umno is accused of employing political gimmicks to con voters. Well, it’s six to the half dozen because the opposition is not free of con artistes either,” she said.


“And at least we don’t see chameleon Umno politicians wearing a crucifix for the purpose of wooing Christian voters.”


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