"Prove it or you're a liar."


"Prove it or you're a liar."

"Prove it or you're a liar."

Monday, January 30, 2012
  • Heng
Heng challenges Azman to prove the existence of the association of prostitutes and transvestites

KUALA LUMPUR:  Deputy minister of Women, Family and Community Development Datuk Heng Seai Kie challenged Pas leader Azman Shapawi Abdul Rani to prove his claim on the existence of a “prostitutes and transvestites association” in Kuala Lumpur that received annual funding from the ministry.


“I challenge them to give us the proof. Failure to do so will only serve to prove that Pas leaders are liars,” she retorted.


Heng told The Mole the allegation was baseless and a fabrication, made-up simply to degrade the ministry and for Pas’ political benefit.


“It’s clearly defamatory. As far as we are concerned such association does not exist.


“How can they accuse us of giving fund to the association when our ministry has no record of such an association whether they are privately set up or government backed?” she said.


Heng was commenting on Azman’s allegation made in a speech in Kuala Terengganu on Jan 24.


Azman claimed he and Pas Youth chief Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi had a dialogue session with the said association during which, its members said they would be voting for Pas in the next general election.


He also said the association members accused the Barisan Nasional government of causing them to be “rosak” (becoming immoral) as the Government was irresponsible did not act on vice activities.


The transcript of the speech was also available at Azman’s blog post.


The video of his speech was also posted in many blogs including Ruang Bicara Faisal's where the blogger urged police to promptly investigate the Pas Terengganu deputy information chief's remarks on the existence of such an association.


Heng said it was an irony that the ministry whose role was involved in women's development and and ensuring their well-being is being accused of supporting immoral activities involving women.

The senator also condemned Azman for saying that people who will still vote for Barisan (in the next election) are worse than prostitutes.


“I find such remarks humiliating especially towards women. Is he saying women who do not vote for them are worse than prostitutes? How can a leader make such degrading statements?


“It is time for all especially women in Malaysia to reject Pas,” Heng added.


Bukit Aman anti-vice, gaming and secret societies (D7) deputy director SAC Abdul Jalil Hassan when contacted said police records and investigations so far showed there was no such association.


Abdul Jalil also said anyone who has evidence about the association should report to the police so that necessary action could be taken.