Police: Former minister not involved in MAYC raid


Police: Former minister not involved in MAYC raid

Police: Former minister not involved in MAYC raid

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
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Wan Bari : We did not get any instructions from anyone

KUALA LUMPUR - The troubled Malaysian Association of Youth Clubs (MAYC) went through another disurbing episode when its members from different factions were involved in an argument resulting in police involvement and the arrests of some members.


In the incident on 23 Sept, it was learnt the argument started when Mustafa Mat Aroff, president of MAYC had blocked Ahmad Ansor Rivai Batubara from entering the MAYC premises to carry out his tasks as the movement's secretary general.


While the argument was going on, policemen from the Brickfields station arrived at the MAYC's office.


When the incident leaked out it caught the attention of many, especially bloggers because words were circulating that  the police, who were present at the scene, were alleged to have been ‘assigned’ by a former minister.


The story is further given credence because it is said that Mustafa is very close to the former minister.


Bloggers wrote that the police’s involvement was due to the request made by the former minister.


Bloggers also wrote that the police were ordered by Brickfields police chief, ACP Wan Bari Wan Khalid who had in turn received orders from the former minister.


It is learnt that on the day of the incident four MAYC members including a woman were taken in for questioning.


They were later released after more than six hours of questioning.


Blogger Baldugly claimed in his blog that Wan Bari was forced to detain the four MAYC members. The blogger also alleged the person giving orders to Wan Bari was the former minister.


The Mole, despite making numerous attempts to contact the former minister for his comments, was unsuccessful.


Meanwhile, Wan Bari when contacted, denied allegations of any involvement of  the former minister during the raid at MAYC last month.


“That is their (bloggers) right to say so but I am here to confirm that we acted based on the law and we did not receive any instruction from anyone,” said Wan Bari.

He explained that when a report is lodged, it is the police’s duty to act upon it.

“We took action based on a valid report like any other reports made,” Wan Bari said.


MAYC have been embroiled in an internal squabble for quite some time and it worsened when they had two annual general meetings (AGMs) in 2010.


During its AGM in July 2010, Akhramsyah Sanusi was chosen as the president. Then in another AGM held two months later, chaired by former MAYC president of 11 years Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar 

Mustafa Mat Aroff became president.


However, the Registrar of Youth Societies declared both AGMs as null and void based on technicalities.

This case was later referred to the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had been informed of the crisis besieging the 54-year-old organisation.