PAKS: Parti Anti-Konsert Se-Malaysia


PAKS: Parti Anti-Konsert Se-Malaysia

PAKS: Parti Anti-Konsert Se-Malaysia

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
  • Elton John cropped
PAS Youth has objected to Elton John's concert scheduled for next month.

Blogger Art Harun is "aghast" over PAS Youth's objections to Elton John performing in Malaysia.


Referring to reports that PAS Youth has said Elton John's concert would be "incompatible" with Malaysian culture, Art wrote in his blog today, "Is there nothing else that PAS Youth do other than objecting against concerts? What is PAS Youth’s take on our ballooning national debts? What does PAS Youth think of the Euro-zone problems and its potential impact on global economy in general and on Malaysia, in particular?"


"I suppose the father who raped his two-month-old baby son is an avid concert goer," Art said. "And all those kids in Kelantan who fornicate are also avid concert goers. And those young girls who kill their babies are also avid concert goers too I suppose. And half of the male population in Malaysia would turn gay...once Elton John touches down at KLIA."


"I am sorry, but will Elton John sing on stage or perform a homosexual intercourse act on stage and ask concert-goers to join him while in Malaysia?" the blogger asked.


"What I really hate about some people, politicians and political parties," he said, "is their self-righteousness and holier-than-thou attitude."


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