No dignity or credibility to lead - Tony Pua


No dignity or credibility to lead - Tony Pua

No dignity or credibility to lead - Tony Pua

Thursday, April 5, 2012
  • Tony Pua Dr Yap
I would not be surprised even, if some of our public universities may have unknowingly recruited some of these candidates with dubious certifications. - Tony Pua

KUALA LUMPUR: Those with dubious Doctorates and other high level certificates obtained through questionable means have no dignity or the credibility to lead the society.


DAP Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara, Tony Pua Kiam Wee, has stressed that people who use shortcuts to produce colourful certificates of excellence in education cannot be leading organization that purportedly fought for national interest.


In an article that was published in Education In Malaysia on Nov 22, 2006, Tony has even listed few prominent names that hold dubious doctorates.


The United Chinese School Committees of Malaysia (Dong Zong) leader Dr Yap Sin Tian’s also appears on Tony Pua’s list.


One of Tony's Twitter post recently shows that he still shared a similar stand about those who hold questionable PhDs. : “no different. Those who buy PhDs have no self-worth”, his post at the micro-blogging site read.


In the posting, Tony also questioned the standards and quality of academics and lecturers in many of local private colleges in the country.


“For the benefit of the fee paying students in the market, it is critical that the Ministry of Higher Education put down the necessary rules and regulations which require the private colleges to publish the credentials of their key faculty members.


“With this information, at least it will be possible for students and concerned parties to be able to have a better idea of the type and quality of lecturers in the college,” Tony said.


Dr Yap, who is also the chairman of New Era College based in Kajang, is under criticism following queries of the double PhDs which he holds, one from the dubious Kensington University in USA.


Some blog postings have suggested that Dr Yap had ‘bought’ those PhDs.


Blogger SatD exposed the issue recently. SatD questioned how Dr Yap is allowed to lead an education movement that supposedly represent the interest of the Chinese community when Dr Yap himself possessed dubious qualifications.


“Interesting leaders these Chinese people have don't you think. A man with a fake degree in Education could lead an Education movement. An education movement that supposedly represent the interest of the Chinese Community....Supported by a Party that so called "represent" the majority of Chinese Voters,” he said.


Blogger Stop The Lies,  questioned why Dr Yap, who has been constantly promoting himself as the frontrunner in Chinese education, obtained his doctorates from Western-oriented institutes in the first place.


“He is such a scam that he is even ready to prop up his resume with faked degrees from the US but chose to turn his back to Chinese and Taiwan universities.


“This is a complete disgrace and greatest hypocrisy for someone who champions the cause of Chinese education,” the blogger said.


Meanwhile, a researcher from Dong Zong's administrative department, Ban Ah Kan has stated that, Dr Yap's doctorates were genuine.


In The Star’s news report Ban was quoted as saying: “A letter from the Malaysian American Commission of Educational Exchange in 1995 confirms that although Kensington University is not an accredited institution in the United States, the university is an approved institution in the state of California.


The Council for Private Post- secondary and Vocational Education (in California) in a 1992 document explained that an approved institution meant that the university has been certified to have met minimum standards established by the council, although approval does not equal an accreditation.," he said.


Ban said Dr Yap was “fed up” over the repeated accusations over the doctorates which had resurfaced on the Internet and Twitter last week, following the Kajang “325 Rally” led by Dong Zong


The newspaper also highlighted queries to Dr Yap’s preference to study in the West.


"Why did he not study in China or Taiwan or Hong Kong since he insisted on Chinese education and was against non-Chinese speaking teachers in Chinese schools?".