Navy ships may be used for Sea Games accommodation


Navy ships may be used for Sea Games accommodation

Navy ships may be used for Sea Games accommodation

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
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Palembang city may not have enough hotel rooms.

KUALA LUMPUR: The shortage of rooms at the athletes' village and hotel rooms in Palembang may force the Indonesian Sea Games Organising Committee (Inasoc) to use navy ships as floating hotels.

The Jakarta Globe online newspaper qouted Inasoc director-general Rachmat Gobel as saying that South Sumatra governor Alex Nordin had said they would try to get two ships from the military and Inasoc would try to rent a cruise ship to be used as floating hotels.

To date 15,900 athletes and officials from 11 countries have registered for the games, half of whom will be in Palembang.

However the athletes village in Palembang's Jakabaring Sports City can only accommodate about 2,000 people and there are an estimated 4,500 hotel rooms in the city.

This could leave Inasoc short of up to 1,500 beds and the number excludes other visitors, fans and journalists who may travel to Palembang.

Rachmat, however, is optimistic that the problems would be solved, although the renting of cruise ships could be expensive.

The military has hinted that it could lend two ships to Inasoc to solve the problem.

"We have yet to decide whether to accept or reject Inasoc's request," said military spokesman Rear Admiral Iskandar Sitompul.

"However, based on previous experience, if it's in the national interest, the military had never rejected any request. I think the Sea Games is a national interest," he said.

Indonesia will host the 26th Sea Games at two main venues, Jakarta and Palembang, from Nov 11 to 22. -- Bernama