Mum: "Kamal is a New Zealander"


Mum: "Kamal is a New Zealander"

Mum: "Kamal is a New Zealander"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
  • Tian Chua
Tian Chua insists Kamal Bamadhaj is a Malaysian.

KUALA LUMPUR: Blogger SatD has provided further proof to refute Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice president Tian Chua’s insistence that Kamal Bamadhaj, a human right activist killed during the Dili massacre in East Timor in 1991, was a Malaysian.


SatD, who took the PKR member of parliament to task for making unfounded allegations against the Malaysian government and claiming that Kamal was a Malaysian, has also provided fresh evidence in the form of a Wall Street Journal article. 

Penned by Kamal's mother Helen Todd, the article was published in the WSJ 13 days after Kamal's death. 


The article titled “Death in East Timor” dated November 25, 1991, stated that Kamal was a New Zealander and was seen desperately waving his Kiwi passport moments before his death.


Todd wrote that she learned about the circumstances leading to and manner of Kamal's death from an Indonesia-based New Zealand diplomat.


“He said that the Indonesian military command had just confirmed that Kamal, a New Zealand citizen of Malaysian origin, had died in Dili on Tuesday morning, and had been buried there the same day.” - Todd said in the WSJ article.


Todd also explained that she and her husband went to Indonesia after learning about her son’s death from New Zealand's ambassador in Jakarta.


“My objective was to go to Dili immediately to recover Kamal's body and bring it home to Malaysia. En route, my husband and I were met in Jakarta's airport by the New Zealand ambassador, who had arranged our onward flights to Timor and had been promised by Indonesian authorities complete cooperation in recovering Kamal,” she explained.


SatD's latest posting came in response to Tian Chua’s insistence yesterday that the student and human rights activist was a Malaysian, despite the evidence given by the blogger previously.


The blogger also took a swipe at Tian Chua for labelling him as a cyber trooper.


"Since when is asking the truth about something becomes politically motivated?”


In his posting on Sunday SatD had provided links to a document submitted to an American court which clearly stated that Kamal was a New Zealand citizen.


The blogger made the clarification following Tian Chua's tweet condemning the Malaysian government for not protesting against the death of a Malaysian student and human rights activist in Dili.


Tian Chua in an SMS reply to The Mole yesterday insisted: “He (Kamal) is a Malaysian full stop. (He) never lived in NZ (New Zealand), father and mother both lived in Malaysia.”