Mugging is Police's fault says Chin Huat


Mugging is Police's fault says Chin Huat

Mugging is Police's fault says Chin Huat

Monday, June 11, 2012
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Chin Huat seems to think that everything wrong with this country is the government's fault, and that the police are well in on the act.

I must confess that there are times that I wonder what the cop is doing when he is hiding behind a tree....seemingly trying to catch lawbreakers...but to make a blanket statement like this? Its too much.

Chin Huat like the many other opposition friendly leaders have the right to make their voices heard, but irresponsible statements aimed at stoking emotions is something they should all take a good look at.

What do 'leaders' like this say when cops kill robbers? Highanded action most likely...but to make statements like this simply goes to show that Chin Huat has been hit too hard on the head by the muggers...probably!

Let's be fair and call the spade a spade. Crime is everywhere. Its the people who indulge in criminal activities that are to blame. Police presence has certainly increased, and robbers and muggers will definitely go where the cops don't.


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