Making the right MH moves


Making the right MH moves

Making the right MH moves

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
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Malaysia Airlines has been successful at balancing the important axis of an airline: the service and management of technology.

Malaysia Airlines in its current form will be forty this October. It has gone a long way from the six B737-200s and six Fokker Friendship F27s as the result of separation from Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). Now that the share swap reversal is firmly left in the pages of history, Malaysia Airlines management have taken positive steps towards the airline’s business turnaround.


For starters, the reversal of the share swap has undoubtably provided the sense of psychological relief and ‘lifted’ morale of the mostly very loyal employees. It was the major murmur in almost all of the 20,000 odd staff and many other retirees. It was an unnecessary business decision that would have prolonged enough to escalate into a major political backlash, at least for BN’s chances of getting back Selangor.


The recent first quarter results were a much welcomed surprise, it no doubt put a spring in the step of many of the national carrier’s executives, fatigued after so many months of bad news. In short, losses narrowed as result of cutting unprofitable routes, fuel expense decreased by 1% mainly from better capacity management.


The longing and much awaited A380-800s has finally arrived after almost four years late delivery. The first of these state of the art planes that have begun flying on some routes puts Malaysia Airlines back into serious competition with its premium rivals, SIA and Cathay. By August, the lucrative KUL-LHR route would be served by this type on daily basis.


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