"Just answer the questions Guan Eng"


"Just answer the questions Guan Eng"

"Just answer the questions Guan Eng"

Sunday, February 26, 2012
  • Lim Guan Eng Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan
The Bayan Mutiara land sale, someone has to answer...

KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional MP for Kota Belud Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan said Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng should not be arrogant when questions regarding Bayan Mutiara land issue are posed to him.


Abdul Rahman told The Mole Lim should be acting like a chief minister and answer the queries instead of turning the issue into a political game and accusing Umno of spreading lies about Penang.


"Imagine if our governments were to act the way he did, wouldn't it be a problem? As a chief minister Lim should know how the government works. When there are issues, people have the right to seek clarifications," he said.


Commenting on Guan Eng's response that the RM1.1 billion worth of land was sold in open-tender, Abdul Rahman said: "Firstly, doing  a request for a proposal alone does not really mean it is an open tender."


"All Lim did was to announce publicly regarding the tender of the project. What about the disclosure of documentation on the project too?" he asked.


Abdul Rahman has been very vocal in questioning the Bayan Mutiara land issue, with him posing a series of questions on his Twitter account recently.


Penang Umno youth chief Shaik Hussien Mydin had also joined the fray, questioning the selection process which saw the project awarded to developer, Ivory Properties Group Berhad.


In a statement Shaik Hussien asked: "Who evaluated the tender and how was the evaluation conducted?"


Blogger SatD had been following the issue of Bayan Mutiara closely with his initial post highlighting the RM 500 million given by Penang government to state-owned development corporation (Penang Development Corporation - PDC) to develop affordable housing projects.


In the post the blogger questioned how the state plan to pay the RM500 million when the proceeds from the Bayan Mutiara land sale would only accumulate to that amount in two years.


In the latest follow-up post, SatD came up with a series of questions regarding the sale of the land by PDC as well as the conversion of the land from leasehold to freehold status.


The blogger also published a letter from a reader in a newspaper which pointed that the conversion is clearly against a provision in the National Land Code.


SatD and another blogger, Anil Netto also highlighted that the developer had been granted a second extension by the state government for the payment of the land.


Abdul Rahman expressed similar views, questioning the Penang government’s decision in awarding the project to a company which he deemed not being financially stable.


“I think the state government can actually get a better deal in selling the land, surely Lim has to answer regarding the land status conversion,” he said.


“Rest assured, this matter will be brought to parliament if he still chooses to remain quiet about it," he added.