Hijacking in progress?


Hijacking in progress?

Hijacking in progress?

Saturday, April 28, 2012
  • Bersih 3.0
Are opposition politicians and their supporters hijacking Bersih 3.0?
KUALA LUMPUR: Some supporters of Bersih 3.0 have expressed disagreement with the presence of opposition politicians at the protest, and have aired their discontent on Twitter.
Several Twitter users, including some who were posting updates in support of Bersih 3.0, began to criticise opposition parties and politicians after opposition figures like Anwar Ibrahim appeared at the rally and began making speeches.
Some of the criticism was directed at the politicians themselves, while some people directed criticism at supporters of opposition parties.
Here are some of their tweets:

Oh no! VIP opposition politicians are starting to emerge after spending a night at nearby 5-star hotels (@tvsmithmy)

Is BERSIH about cleaning up the electoral roll, or toppling the present govt? (@HanumAbd)

Somebody get Anwar Ibrahim to shut up. This is not his Reformasi days. This is #Bersih. It does not belong to him.(@MamuNakHabaq)

These Pakatan reps are using Bersih to forward their agenda. From Mansuh to "Tumbangkan BN". Freaking shameful. (@zarakahan)

Getting out of the crowd to avoid the feeling of being used. Seriously lah Pakatan. Bersih isn't supposed to be about you. (@zarakahan)


Walked away from chants of reformasi. Seriously ppl, understand before you simply follow crowd and chant #bersih (@suanie)

All the people who want free and fair elections should stop chanting political party slogans at Bersih. Civil society, people. Civil society (@lainie)

Ha. Tuduh I ngarut/ macai BN when I accuse the gig gonna be hijacked? Amacam? Amacam? Thanks DSAI for proving me right. (@kennleandre)

Folks, stay true to the cause. Bersih is about having free an fair election. Its not about any political party agenda. #bersih (@sureshdr)

Nampaknya ramai yang terkejut Pakatan menggunakan Bersih untuk kepentingan mereka. Mereka lahir pada Jumaat, 27 April 2012. (@sufianabas)

Hey you naysayers go out there and tell off the politicians when they making speeches or chanting partisan slogans lah. Heh. (@bongkersz)

This is when the #Diamlah hashtag is appropriate for Bersih hijackers. (@ernamh)

Dah tiga checkpoint semua ada ucapan dari Pakatan dan suruh tumbangkan BN. I'm leaving the crowd. I refuse to be used. (@zarakahan
There are real and serious concerns about our elections and that's why people came. Not for you, Pakatan Rakyat. (@zarakahan)
Your political hijacking dilegitimizes the real concerns of the people. BN can just call it a political rally. For shame Pakatan. For shame! (@zarakahan)
Bersih 2 lacked this bullshit. This is more coordinated and ALL ABOUT PAKATAN. Following after the crowd leaves. (@zarakahan)

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