Prove it, Pas leaders tell Zulkifli


Prove it, Pas leaders tell Zulkifli

Prove it, Pas leaders tell Zulkifli

Saturday, October 13, 2012
  • Khalid Samad Dzulkefly Ahmad Pas Zulkifli Noordin
Zulkifli (center) is asked to prove his allegations about efforts to turn Malaysia into a Christian state (Graphics by Dayang Norazhar/ The Mole)

KUALA LUMPUR: Pas leaders have demanded independent MP Zulkifli Noordin to prove his allegations that the DAP is trying to turn Malaysia into a Christian state.


Pas Selangor deputy commissioner Khalid Samad, when speaking to The Mole said Zulkifli should provide evidence instead of making allegations which will threaten Malaysia’s religious harmony.


Khalid when contacted on Friday said: “Present the proof first. His claims that DAP is striving for that (a Christian-state Malaysia) does not make sense at all.”


“I will not take his allegations seriously unless he can prove it. He is a traitor to his party and to be honest, a traitor is not accepted as a witness in Islam,” he said adding that DAP is a secular party whose struggle is not based in any religion. (Zulkifli won the Kulim Bandar Baru seat in 2008 as a Parti Keadilan Rakyat member but had quit since and operated as an Independent).


Khalid was commenting on Zulkilfi’s allegations in Dewan Rakyat on Thursday that in a prayer function held in Penang, DAP leaders together with local and foreign clergymen have prayed to turn Malaysia into a Christian state.


Zulkifli also alleged that foreign pastors from South Africa and United Kingdom were invited to help assist the opposition’s political struggle in Malaysia.


When pointed out on foreign interference, Khalid insisted for Zulkifli to present the evidence and maintained the Pakatan Rakyat coalition is not infiltrated with foreign agenda.


Khalid added: “I don’t see why it should be a problem to have foreign pastors to pray with them. It’s their religious rights.”


“As long as they don’t do proselytisation, it’s not an offence. We pray for our own religion too,” said Khalid who is also the Shah Alam MP.


Various blog posts have highlighted Zulkifli’s speech, calling DAP leaders to clarify on Zulkifli’s allegations.


A blog post at 1Christians Malaysia however described the allegation as an old-tale for election ploy.


The post quoted  Rev Thomas Philips, a Mar Thoma Church priest, who described it as an “old tale” and an “old accusation” used to “create” disharmony among the different races and religions in Malaysia.

Meanwhile another Pas leader Dzulkefly Ahmad demanded Zulkifli to furnish black and white evidence to back his allegations and not make them based from photographs.


“Firstly, I think even the Home Ministry is aware that the foreign pastors came to the country for their annual congregation. I don’t see any issue on that,” the Kuala Selangor MP said.


“Zulkifli as a responsible MP should give the evidence and try not to make allegations that will only lead to religious clash.”


“His allegation is very serious. As a lawyer he should be able to prove all that. I don’t agree with his under-siege mentality which will only threaten our racial and religious harmony,” added Dzulkefly.


He said Pakatan will not change anything that is enshrined in the Federal Constitution and Malaysians, especially Muslims should not be afraid of Islam’s status as the official religion.