"Garbage corruption" gone viral in Selangor.


"Garbage corruption" gone viral in Selangor.

"Garbage corruption" gone viral in Selangor.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
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Selayang is worst hit by "garbage corruption".

KUALA LUMPUR: Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa) president Datuk Dr Jacob George revealed that "garbage corruption" is not confined to the districts he oversees but has spread to other parts of the State with Selayang the worst hit.


Speaking to The Mole, Jacob said: “I have submitted tender documents involving the state’s rubbish collection and disposal contracts which had gone wrong to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) including a police report which I made last Wednesday at the Section 9, Shah Alam police station.’’


While waiting for the MACC officers to start their investigations on the case, George claims complaints were coming from all over Selangor.


“The public are complaining that contractors are not doing their jobs properly and practicing corruption with Selayang district being the worst hit."


“I had received numerous complaints from residents of Selayang where rubbish collection is delayed for days sometimes even months by contractors.’’


“It seems to me that those in the Selangor Government does not take a small fry like me seriously, while CNN and the BBC had contacted me for information on alleged garbage corruption involving the State Government,’’ George said.


Prior to this, state executive councillor Ronnie Liu demanded George for proof and reminded him that accusations must not be baseless.


Liu had then said: “I have checked with my fellow exco members, there have been nothing so far, no complaints and no swindles.’’


George in turn challenged Liu for a debate on the alleged corruption in the state’s garbage collection and disposal contract.


George claimed he had initially approached Liu with some 30 complaints from the public and contractors, but was shunned by Liu who asked him to make a complaint through the state government’s Hotline section.


A blog post in The Unspinners on March 8 stated George had lodged a police report and urged the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government to freeze the state’s garbage collection and disposal contract.


In a news report, George claimed he received numerous complaints that poorly equipped, inexperienced, unqualified and financially unstable companies had been awarded contracts which they would sub-contract their work to more qualified companies.


George said Cassa will set up a special task force to investigate alleged corruption following a large number of complaints as well as reports that contractors were unhappy with the contract distribution.


Cassa will also set up its own Hotline section to take in grouses by the public involving garbage corruption across the Selangor state.


The team is planning to work with various non-governmental organisations to start campaigns on such issues.