Employers should do away with racial preferences


Employers should do away with racial preferences

Employers should do away with racial preferences

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
  • Chinese only job advertisements
"Chinese only" job advertisement

KUALA LUMPUR: Racial preferences in job advertisements can be seen in the classified pages of a newspaper or blatantly posted on a window of a shop.


Although quite common and many just turn a blind eye to this, it has irked a few parties.


Blogger OutSyed The Box highlighted this issue, pointing out one such case at the One Utama shopping mall.


A few pictures which were sent by the blogger’s follower showed a few job advertisements pasted on a wall or a window of shops, describing the nature of the job and a requirement saying that applicants must be Chinese.


The sender wrote to the blogger stressing that it is an open discrimination to the rest of the Malaysian people.


“I only took 3 pictures, but I assure you there were about 3 to 4 shops that had this type of ads. I guess the shop owner thought every other race other than Chinese are crooks. I don't know, there could be some other reasons but there goes the spirit of One Malaysia down the drain," the sender wrote.


OutSyed The Box described these advertisements as being blatantly discriminatory, adding that in developed nations this was frowned upon.


The blogger commented that while many people harped on the Bangsa Malaysia slogan, the attitude didn’t seem to go in tandem with the idea.


“The people campaigning about Bangsa Malaysia are not looking into this matter. Such hypocrisy will not assist in the growth of the country.... in fact it will bring us down further,” said the blogger.


A comment at the blog stated that there is no law prohibiting employers from putting up such advertisements. This the blogger agreed with but felt that there must be attempts to respect and encourage the Bangsa Malaysia campaign.


The Mole also contacted DAP Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi  who thinks that it is time to do away with racial preferences on job advertisements.


“This should not happen anymore; employers should not have this preference and it should be discouraged,” said Ooi.


“I will not support anything like this,” Ooi said adding that this should be stopped sooner rather than later and the focus should exclusively be on the individual’s qualification and competency.