DAP must be consistent, critics cry


DAP must be consistent, critics cry

DAP must be consistent, critics cry

Saturday, October 1, 2011
  • Human Rights Party website
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KUALA LUMPUR: Following the controversial remarks from Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in Singapore, allegedly disparaged Johor, Lim's apology to the Sultan of Johor and his subjects without admitting guilt has not silenced his critics.


Some are suggesting that the DAP should take action against its secretary-general, similar to the decision made against its Kota Alam Shah assemblyman M. Manoharan for his recent suggestion that the national flag, the Jalur Gemilang, be replaced.


A post at the Human Rights Party website says this: “Lim Guan Eng badmouthing Johor in Singapore: Why not a similar 6-month suspension by pseudo multi-racial DAP as meted out to YB Manoharan?

“We are not suggesting that Lim should actually be suspended for six months. But when YAB Lim allegedly badmouthed Johor and Utusan Malaysia bashed him (UM 28/9/11), another set of rules applies with the DAP.”


Another post at Minda Intelek Melayu questions if the DAP would be bold enough to punish 'Lim Kit Siang’s son' for this.


Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party president Datuk R.S. Thanenthiran (pic), when contacted by The Mole, echoed the same sentiment, saying that punishment would show transparency in DAP. Otherwise it would be accused of practising double standards.


“The party should take stern disciplinary action against Lim. His remarks about Johor were not only disparaging to our own country.... they were disrespectful as well.”


"His remarks were made overseas. His offence was worse than Manoharan’s. As a leader he must take full responsibility. Furthermore he is the DAP's secretary-general.”


Lim, he reminded, would be the first to jump and point out at other people’s remarks and mistakes, especially if it concerns the Barisan Nasional leaders. The  DAP should not close its eyes and ears.


Dr Tan: Lim had to apologise because the Sultan is unhappyDr Tan: Lim had to apologise because the Sultan is unhappyHowever DAP vice-chairman Dr Tan Seng Giaw (pic) dismissed the suggestion, saying the matter should be put to rest following Lim’s apology.


“First of all Lim has apologised. What more could he (Lim) do when he had made the Sultan unhappy? He has to apologise-lah.”


The Kepong MP believed Lim was not guilty as the remark was misconstrued by TV3 but the reason Lim apologised in the first place was due to the Johor Sultan’s unhappiness.


“No other media reported about this. What makes TV3 so special?” Dr Tan said, referring to the audio recording which was broadcast by TV 3’s Buletin Utama last Monday.


When asked if Lim should be similarly punished like Manoharan, Tan dismissed it by saying “just leave it at that”.


Utusan Malaysia has reported that Padang Serai MP N.Gobalakrishnan had challenged the DAP to punish Lim.


Blogosphere is filled with calls for Lim to apologise, like this post at Stop The Lies: “When Bernama wrongly quoted you as saying you were believed to have uttered these words in Australia, you demanded an apology and threatened to sue! But you lied because you actually uttered these words in Singapore.


"If there’s anyone that needs to apologise, it’s you Guan Eng.”


Lim apologised to the Sultan of Johor at a press conference in Penang Friday.