Bloggers scrutinise Anwar’s video


Bloggers scrutinise Anwar’s video

Bloggers scrutinise Anwar’s video

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
  • Anwar Ibrahim
Anwar's video saga

KUALA LUMPUR - The video depicting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Datuk Syazril Eskay Abdullah appearing together and getting in and out of a lift has gone viral, again raising multiple questions from both sides.


Anwar had once publicly denied knowing Syazril.


The Opposition leader and Eskay are alleged to be taking a lift to an apartment  where the infamous sex video was said to have been recorded.


Some are asking the motive for this latest revelation while those for the pro-opposition leader had questioned its authenticity, accusing it as a smear campaign orchestrated by those in power.


Papagomo, who first uploaded the video, has included a response in his blog to explain an issue raised by a by a pro-Anwar portal regarding the colour of the shirts worn by Anwar and Syazril as seen in the current video and an earlier one.


According to the pro-opposition blogger, the shirts worn by the two men did not match the earlier video.


In the latest video Syazril is shown wearing a black shirt while Anwar wore dark pants but in the earlier related sex video, Syazril's shirt and Anwar's pants are light-coloured.


Another blogger Syed Azidi Aziz says the camera used to capture the images at the lift lobby is known as iCATCH and is one of the best in the market. Syed, who studied film-making, explains that this camera can propagate 100,000 to 500,000 amount of light and ensures higher quality images.


"This camera which is normally used for spying, produces black and white images when an image is shot in night vision."


Syed Azidi says there are two principles involved in night vision images - the first being the photo-multiplier technology which releases infrared radiation IR and enables the camera to detect any object within its infrared scope and translates it into an image.


The second is called thermal imaging, whereby the heat released by the object will be translated into an image. This technology is known as thermography.


Syed Azidi said it is a popular technology because it does not need any form of light, as body heat is sufficient to capture images even in an extremely dark space. According to him, night vision cameras produce black and white images or monochromatic images but despite being black and white, the images are as clear as those in colour.


In answering a comment in his blog, Syed further explains that as the lights in the room were switched off, the camera allowed it to shoot at near zero ambience lights, turning the video black and white.


Another blogger called celah gelegar has his own take on this matter. In his post he points out that as much as Syazril's shirt are in different shades, the design is the same.