Bersih mob attacks patrol car


Bersih mob attacks patrol car

Bersih mob attacks patrol car

Saturday, April 28, 2012
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Is this a peaceful protest?

KUALA LUMPUR: Anonymous blogger Stop the Lies highlighted a video provided by the Royal Malaysian Police which appears to show Bersih protesters acting aggressively as a police car moves through the crowd:


Well, by now, hundreds would have gathered at Dataran Merdeka. So far , there seems to be a carnival like atmosphere – that’s because the professional agitators have not showed up. The naïve and idealistic types are there.




So, they tell you that they will be peaceful. Well, see the video clip and picture above of these well-behaved and well-mannered mob. Syabas Bersih 3.0!



Rocky of Rocky's Bru also highlighted the video via the post by Stop the Lies, and had this to say in his post, 'Bersih and the law: Tunku Aziz was right':


Ambiga guarantees it would be a peaceful assembly. Normal, peaceful people don't mock the cops and kick a police car.  Good thing the cop(s) in the car did not stop to say hello.


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