Another round for Anwar


Another round for Anwar

Another round for Anwar

Monday, March 19, 2012
  • Anwar Ibrahim
The spread of a second sex video is set to be another headache for Anwar Ibrahim. (Photo by Hussein Shahruddin/The Mole)

KUALA LUMPUR: After several ‘teasers’ by pro-government bloggers, yet another video purportedly showing opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim having sex with a prostitute in Thailand has begun spreading online.


Sex videos allegedly starring Anwar have been a hot topic in the Malaysian blogosphere since early 2011, when three men who became known as ‘Datuk T’ screened a video for a small group of journalists. The trio claimed the video showed Anwar having sex with a Chinese prostitute in Bangkok.


In the months that followed, bloggers posted ‘teaser’ videos, fuelling speculation and debate among politicians and bloggers.


Now another video has begun generating buzz online, this time showing a man who resembles Anwar with two women.


Blogger Papa Gomo wrote yesterday that someone with the username Bwteh007 had uploaded a teaser video to Youtube three days before. Another blogger, Duke of UMNO, said “I know a sex video involving Anwar Ibrahim in action with two ‘Siam Dolls’ definitely exists,” adding that today at 10.00am “a major announcement will be made by several bloggers concerning Anwar”.


The same blogger wrote today that a source had told him the video had a “massage scene and also action ‘like the previous video’ (the China Doll video)”.


Another blogger, Penggempur Mutiara, said “Anwar can’t run away from the fact that almost everyone knows about his lies and the sins he has committed.”


“The people need to realise that the next Prime Minister will be Anwar Ibrahim is the coalition of PAS, DAP and PKR wins the upcoming general election,” Papa Gomo wrote today. “Do we want people who don’t know who Anwar Ibrahim really is to be fooled into giving their support to this next Prime Minister who has a problem with morality?”


Another blogger, Kuala Lumpur Chronicle, wondered how many more such videos there are, and wrote that he was concerned about how they could affect Malaysia if Anwar were to become Prime Minister.


“It is important to note that if Anwar Ibrahim is the next prime minister of Malaysia,” he said, “these videos can be used to blackmail Malaysia and the consequence would be that our progress and national security would be at the hands of irresponsible companies or even countries.”