Consumers asked to buy cheaper cooking oil

KUALA LUMPUR – November 2, 2016: The Federation of Malaysian Consumer Association (Fomca) has advised consumers to be wise when buying unsubsidised cooking oil by choosing the cheaper brands.

Fomca deputy president Mohd. Yusof Abdul Rahman says that this will nevigate around the complaints by consumers about the exorbitant prices imposed by some manufacturers and retailers.

He attributed the price hike due to competition among manufacturers and retailers.

“If consumers choose lower-priced brands, other manufacturers will eventually reduce their prices because not doing so will result in them losing business.

“Consumers who opt for unsubsidised cooking oil in fact hold the bigger power in deciding the price trends for essential items.”

A Domestic Trades, Co-operatives and Consumerism Ministry (KPDNKK) officer concurred and also encourages consumers to switch to the 1kg pack of cooking oil that is subsidised and selling for RM2.50.

While agreeing that there will be traders who will take advantage of the situation, it is for consumers to make a wise decision.

“The price of unsubsidised cooking oil is subjected to current market price. We have presumed that the price will vary at each retailer.

“We hope consumers will play their role, make the best decisions for themselves and buy the cheapest cooking oil,” the officer said.

In response to claims that the subsidised item is of low quality, the officer disagreed.

“We assure you that the subsidised oil is manufactured by a certified company that keeps quality at a good level.”

The newly implemented cooking oil subsidy continues to be discussed on cyberspace.

Yatie Cikmat considers the price hike of unsubsidised cooking oil as absolutely unacceptable.

“I just bought a 5kg bottled cooking oil at RM20.30 today. The same bottle previously cost me RM13.50. This is disappointing.”

Mas Monirah Mohd. Yusoff, who sells traditional Malay cakes, is anxious that the pricier cooking oil will affect her business.

Umi Nadrah commented to say she heard the packet cooking oil is a recycled item. If it’s so, it will be unhealthy for consumers.”



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