Committed investments of RM27.22 billion for Iskandar this year

The most investments in Iskandar Malaysia until last September came from Singapore and China.

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JOHOR BARU — October 21, 2015: Iskandar Malaysia managed to attract committed investments worth RM27.22 billion this year until last month.

The economic region drew a total of RM185.34 billion in committed investments from 2006 to last September, with local investors accounting for 59 per cent or RM109.78 billion.

“Of the total, realised investments in various sectors comprised 49 per cent,” Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) chief executive Datuk Ismail Ibrahim said in a statement today.

The top five countries investing in Iskandar Malaysia between 2006 and September this year were Singapore, China, the US, Japan and Spain.

The largest investments have been in the manufacturing sector at RM52.10 billion, logistics (RM5.45 billion), tourism (RM3.10 billion), healthcare (RM2.65 billion), education (RM2.06 billion), financial services (RM0.74 billion) and creative industies (RM0.56 billion).

Other sectors that support growth in the region are the property sector, with the residential, retail and industrial segments accounting for RM94.94
billion in committed investments, followed by utilities (RM12.64 billion) and government investments in infrastructure (RM8.99 billion) and new technologies (RM2.12 billion). — Bernama



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