Better times for Sarawak newspaper after exit by peninsular papers


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KUCHING — Feb. 20, 2018: The decision by Kuala-Lumpur based English dailies to cease their distribution in Sarawak last year has allowed the New Sarawak Tribune to fill the vacuum.

According to a company official, since the New Straits Times and Star ceased to circulate here, the circulation of the New Sarawak Tribune has increased by about 10 per cent. However the current circulation is far different from what it was about five years ago.

Bernama quotes General manager Lim Hong Ming as saying that as Sarawak’s oldest newspaper, the New Sarawak Tribune had gone through many challenges and is struggling hard to stay relevant in the state, despite the better times following the exit of the two KL-based papers.

Last year Lim told the national news agency that the newspaper was struggling as circulation plunged following technological progress and the use of information technology as well as online media. However he expressed confidence that a revamp of its editorial content would improve business.

The newspaper has shifted its coverage by shifting from mainly political news to a blend of local news, light entertainment and human interest stories.

The newspaper has also included passages from books relevant to Sarawak’s development such as Bruno Manser and The Inside Story, which are excerpts of writings by journalist James Ritchie on a weekly basis.



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