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KUALA LUMPUR — Nov. 11, 2019: CIMB Group and PLUS are collaborating to provide additional payment options that allow customers to link their Touch n’ Go (TNG) RFID (radio frequency identification) tags to any bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards or the TNG e-wallet.

For starters, the TNG RFID service will be available by this January 1 at 10 open system toll plazas on the PLUS expressways. By April 1 it will be available at all 83 closed system plazas.

Open system toll plazas are those where the toll fares are fixed based on vehicle class while the closed system is where the toll rate is based on the vehicle class and distance travelled.

In a joint statement today, both companies said it was their intent to eventually roll-out the open payment facility to all highway concessionaires across Malaysia.

Over time, this RFID-driven payment mode is expected to replace the TNG card that has been the de facto mode of payment for toll transactions in the country.

“The democratisation in toll payments is something we fully champion and the CIMB teams, together with the team of our subsidiary TNG, are committed to collaborating with PLUS and in time other highway concessionaires to make the open payment an accessible reality for all Malaysians,” CIMB Group CEO Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Aziz said.

PLUS managing director Datuk Azman Ismail said RFID transactions will be real-time as highway users will receive an immediate notification of their balance.

The TNG RFID service has been available in pilot-mode at selected expressways since the beginning of this year.

Currently there are 700,000 RFID tags installed on vehicles in Peninsular Malaysia and these tags are linked to the TNG e-wallet as a source of funds. — Bernama



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