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Chong Wei has early stage nose cancer

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KUALA LUMPUR — Sept. 22, 2018: The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) has confirmed that top national player Lee Chong Wei has early stage nose cancer.

It also asks that Chong Wei be given the space and peace of mind to recover.

A post that went viral on social media said that the player was suffering from third stage nose cancer. Reports in July indicated that Chong Wei was undergoing treatment in Taiwan for a career-ending illness.

A statement from BAM president Datuk Seri Norza Zakaria today said this: “In response to recent reports concerning Datuk Lee Chong Wei, BAM confirms that the player has been diagnosed with early stage nose cancer.

“Chong Wei is currently in Taiwan seeking treatment, and I am pleased to inform you that he is responding well to his treatment and is currently resting and recuperating amongst family and close friends.”

Two months ago, BAM issued a statement saying that Chong Wei was taking a break from badminton as he had been diagnosed with a respiratory-related disorder.

The player is expected to return home after completing his treatment at the end of the month.



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