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China’s envoy criticised by bloggers over Petaling Street remarks

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – Sept 29, 2015: Prominent bloggers from both sides of the political divide have expressed their opposition against any foreign interference in the country’s domestic affairs.

They were unhappy with the recent conduct of China’s envoy Dr Huang Hui Kang.

Dr Huang has angered the bloggers and many other Malaysians by his “misconstrued” statement during his visit to Petaling Street on Saturday.

A rally by Malay non-governmental organisations was supposed to be held on the same day at the mostly Chinese business area but it was aborted after intervention by the authorities.

Dr Huang was quoted as saying that the Chinese government is against racial discrimination and would not hesitate to voice its concern should there be incidents that infringe or violate the interest and rights of Chinese citizens and businesses.

Blogger Zakhir Mohamad who blogs as Big Dog, was of the opinion that Dr Huang was “way out of line” as his words could be seen as an attempt to interfere with the country’s domestic issues.

“Matters pertaining permits of public assembly and national security are the purview of the Royal Malaysian Police and the Home Minister is the one entitled to issue comments.

“Malaysia should be firm about its diplomatic and trade relationship with China and slap the wrist when necessary,” he wrote.

Prominent journalist blogger Datuk Ahirudin Attan opined that Dr Huang’s statement inadvertently implied that Malaysia is oppressing members of its Chinese community .

“My beloved Malaysia oppresses her Chinese? How, if so, does anyone explain so many very rich Chinese in this country under the rule of this “racist” Umno?” he wrote in his blog posting

In the same posting, he listed the top 50 richest Malaysians. Those who made it in the list are primarily Malaysian Chinese.

“Some Malaysians are perpetuating the idea that the Malays and Umno are pursuing a racist agenda. Nothing is further from the truth,” he wrote.

In today’s blog posting Ahirudin also known as Rocky, reminded the Chinese envoy of the need for him to be more diplomatic and not be so judgemental of others when making statements about race relations in Malaysia.

“We are well aware of China’s own track record when it comes to its own minorities and the use of violence, so let us not go there.

“So please, Dr Huang, give us more credit. Promote Petaling Street and peace but no need to make any more claims about China’s sterling race relations and all that crap.”

Another prominent blogger, Helen Ang had sarcastically penned her thoughts on the issue where she ‘thanked’ Dr Huang for clarifying that Malaysian Chinese are indeed Chinese and not “some fictional ‘anak bangsa’ constructed by the DAP.”

“Thank you so very much, Your Excellency.

“After the years of rabid harassment and attempted ethnic cleansing by the DAP to deny us of our roots, cultural heritage and blood ties to our motherland, at last the envoy from China has anointed us as bona fide Chinese.

“China nationals could pass off as Malaysian Chinese and we too are able to pass off as China Chinese in terms of our appearance.

“We are Chinese. Our ‘relatives’ who look like us (and we who look like them) are those people in China.

“Furthermore, we certainly look more like the folks in China than we do our fellow peninsular Malaysians – the Malays and the Indians.

“I hope that after this the DAP does not attempt to usik our race and our racial identity anymore.

An anonymous pro-opposition blogger who blogs at Ameno World, also expressed similar displeasure over Dr Huang’s statement,

The blogger was of the opinion that the Chinese ambassador should have taken a look at his own country’s race relations track record first before making any unnecessary remarks.

“China wants to talk about extremism, brutality and racial relations? Don’t make me laugh. The country is full of aggressions and biased racial treatments.

“No need for me to elaborate more, just google it. China is even worse than Malaysia.

“They claimed that they are mindful and respectful of our country’s law but his (Dr Huang’s) statement and action contradicts his claims.

“His visit to Petaling Street was probably arranged so that it will pressure the government to stop the planned rally at all cost, not that I support the rally anyway.

“As much as I am against Najib (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak), I will not condone foreign interference. This is our mess and we will clean it ourselves,” the blogger wrote.

Dr Huang’s remarks had also apparently caused a misunderstanding between members of the government.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has criticized the Foreign Ministry for summoning Dr Huang over the issue.

In response, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman sternly warned Nazri not to interfere with matters concerning the foreign ministry.

Anifah cited the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relation (1961) for the authority to request an envoy to come forward and explain.

“This is a normal practice all over the world, to be called in when it is deemed necessary.

“In the past, we have called the United States, Vatican and Singaporean envoys to Wisma Putra and explain themselves.

“Wisma Putra have the right to know if these envoys did or did not issue such statements.

“If they did then we have to tell them not to interfere in matters pertaining to domestic affairs or apologise.

“No minister has any business in matters pertaining to the Foreign Ministry. Nazri is out of line!” said Anifah.



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