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KUALA LUMPUR: An article published in the China Press which stated that pro-Umno bloggers were uneducated has generated a backlash in the blogosphere.


The article written by Koh Kok Wee on Oct 21 entitled “Blog sites in favour of Umno were uneducated” (Laman Blog Yang Berpihak Kepada UMNO Tidak Bersekolah) was widely criticised by bloggers who claimed Koh had not understood or even read the blog postings before writing his article.


Bagan MP Lim Guan EngLim Guan EngKoh wrote that pro-Umno blogs were not helping the party, but ruining it instead by generating rumours about Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng’s son.


“The DAP eventually exposed their lies by revealing the picture of the molest victim, who is a chess player, leaving them (Umno blogs) silent,” the article read.


Citing an episode from Chinese history to strengthen his argument, Koh said Umno must know that by using someone’s child to attack the enemy, they would eventually lose the war as the enemy would gain sympathy.


Bloggers who disagreed with the article criticised Koh for misinterpreting the whole issue.


The Unspinners pointed out that almost all blogs that highlighted the allegation were only seeking confirmation from Lim.


“The picture of the chess player used in the blogs was not the issue. The main issue is on Lim’s son who was accused of such misconduct,” the blogger wrote in reply to Koh’s article


Another blogger, Din Turtle said even though he is uneducated (as suggested by Koh), he demanded an explanation of allegations surrounding Lim’s son.


Referring to allegations that RM 200,000 had been paid to cover up the case, the blogger wrote sarcastically, “Even if I did not go to school, I still know bribery is illegal, and anyone who committed such an offence needs to be punished.”


“This is the story which needs to be ascertained whether it is true or not.”


The molest allegation began with a blog posting about a molest case involving a VVIP’s son in Penang.


Malaysiakini had reported that Lim had refused to answer to the allegations about a VVIP’s son molesting a female schoolmate and had instead challenged Umno to publish the allegations in the newspapers.


Lim then issued a press statement, urging Umno to act against those who tried to wreck his son’s life by spreading cruel and barbaric lies.


Blogger Apanama had written an open letter to Lim’s son, Marcus Lim, which said that it was his father and grandfather Lim Kit Siang who intentionally dragged him into the whole fiasco.


“Basically DAP and Pakatan Rakyat are using or rather abusing you for their political survival,” Apanama wrote.


He added that had he been in Lim’s position, he would have not kept mum when asked by press on the allegations and would set the record straight instead.



A Malay translation of Koh’s article can be found here.



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