Candidates vent frustration with PTD online exam

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – January 20, 2016: Tensions are brewing in the cyberspace as candidates who took the Administrative and Diplomatic Officer (PTD) online examination last night complained about the technical and system errors which happened during the exam.

They have taken to Facebook with their grouses regarding the alleged timer glitch, image loading errors and server connection failure.

“Some of the graphs failed to load when my daughter was answering the exam,” wrote Utusan Malaysia assistant chief editor Datuk Zaini Hassan in Facebook while sharing a screen grab of the blank questions.

Suzana Kadir also shared similar grouses on the system’s failure to load the examinaton’s questions.

“Can’t I re-sit this exam? I cannot answer any questions in section B because the graphs and diagrams did not appear,” she wrote.

Nur Ain Ishak complained that her examination ended prematurely due to a server failure.

“Not only did the system failed to start my exam on time but it ended very early. I still had ten more minutes and then suddenly it says my time is up.

“I am very disappointed because I still have ten more questions left unanswered,” she lamented.

Another Facebook user Nik Rozeana Amira, apparently has had the worst experience as she was unable to access the exam’s website.

“How am I supposed to take the exam if I can’t even connect with the server? I do hope the SPA (Public Service Department) will allow me to re-sit this PTD exam,” she wrote.

Ariff Arghoslent pointed out that the online system was too problematic and that SPA should have hold the examination the “old school ways”.

“These problems have been going on since 2014 and to think that the same thing is happening even till today, this is very disappointing,” he wrote.

Aside from technical errors, there were also those who complained that the examination was more difficult than it used to be.

Be that as it may, none of those who fret on the social media complained on the first part of the examination, which was the general knowledge test (section A).

Instead, the grouses regarding the examination was centred on the second part which was the problem-solving and psychometric tests (section B).

“I didn’t have enough time to go through all the difficult mathematical questions in section B.

“The calculations needed to answer them are too time-consuming,” wrote Aus Anne in an unofficial PTD Facebook group.

Another Facebook user Raim Karim was confused with the format of the mathematical questions in the exam.

“Is this a math question or a comprehension questions? Why is it so long-winded?

“It takes more than a minute to digest and another to answer…all in all, not enough time to answer all questions,” he wrote.

“Congratulations to the would-be diplomatic officers who managed to answer the tests. Now we know what kind of questions they ask…felt like cursing someone,” wrote Hilmi Muhammad.

Aqwa Russlan viewed that this year’s examination was three times harder than last year’s.

“Why does it have to be this difficult? Last year I’ve managed to get to the interview stage…can’t say it’ll be the same this year,” she wrote.



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