Canadian shooting rampage kills at least 19 (Updated)

Written by TheMole

April 20, 2020: A gunman disguised as a policeman killed at least 19 people, including a female police officer, during a 12-hour rampage which started on Saturday and described as the worst in Canada’s modern history.

The suspect was killed in a confrontation with police, who identified him as 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman.

He was reported to have been driving what looked like a police car.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described the attack as a tragedy while Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil remarked that this was “one of the most senseless acts of violence in our province’s history”.

Homes were torched as part of the attacks.

Police earlier said officers were at a home in the small town of Portapique and advised residents to lock themselves indoors. Officers found several casualties inside and outside the home but did not find the suspect.

A neighbour reported seeing three properties on fire in the area at the time. Wortman was known to own three properties there.

Wortman was seen driving what appeared to be a police vehicle and possibly wearing a police uniform too.



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