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Buying drugs online catching up among Malaysians

A screen grab of The Mole's undercover interview with one of the online vendors in a dark web-based drug bazaar.

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

(The Mole does not endorse and encourage Malaysians to enter the dark web and therefore will not provide any links to the sources and sites that we have visited in the dark web)

KUALA LUMPUR – June 16, 2016: Following The Mole‘s exclusive expose of the dark web‘s pedophilic contents on June 5, our continuous investigation on the matter have also discovered that it is also ridiculously easy to buy illicit drugs via the ever-growing dark web-based drugs bazaar.

Once you are inside the bazaar, shopping for illicit drugs is about as uncomplicated as shopping for clothes in an online stores.

All you need to do is to buy some bit coins (internet crypto currency), choose a drug vendor, place your order, wait for the vendor’s instructions and eventually you will get your drugs within a few days.

Such simplicity, coupled with the near-absolute anonymity of the dark web has made it easier for those involved in the online narcotics market to dodge various authorities.

But is it really difficult for authorities to pin-point one’s location in the dark web? Well, The Mole did a comparison of the internet protocol (IP) addresses between a regular internet browser and a dark web browser using the same service provider.

And the result was, totally unbelievable. The IP address of the regular browser correctly displayed our location and our internet service provider.

Whereas the IP address displayed on the dark web browser showed a completely different address and according to it we were accessing the net in Honolulu, Hawaii.

But of course, dark web-based drug black market was not something relatively new.

It has been mushrooming deep within the crevices of the dark web since back in 2010.

And the numbers of online drug bazaars have been increasing following the fall of Silk Road in 2013.

But what The Mole wanted to find out was whether Malaysians were aware of this seemingly hassle-free illegal drug shopping (for personal consumption) fad.

Via a dark web directory website, The Mole has managed to weasel its way into several drug bazaar selling assortments of illegal drugs ranging from amphetamine, heroin, weed, opium and other psychedelic designer drugs.

Posing as an interested buyer, this portal queried a handful of drug vendors in the forum section of these sites.

And many of them had confirmed that they have had done transactions with Malaysians.

“But most of my Asian buyers are from Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong…Malaysians not that much,” wrote an anonymous drug vendor who goes by the moniker, ‘JackieDupre.’

The vendor also pointed out that based on his previous dealings with Malaysians, “a lot of them preferred old-school drugs instead of high-end designer drugs.”

“I tried promoting other strains of drugs but man, you Malaysian lot really likes heroine, marijuana and weed,” the vendor added.

Another vendor, ‘Szjyaga’, even guaranteed that a non-bulk purchase has a 100 per cent delivery rate worldwide because the vendor used a highly covert shipping and courier services.

“I don’t ship my goods to America, Canada and UK (United Kingdom) cause their popo’s (police) and DEA (drug enforcement agency) are kinda good.

“But anywhere else is fair game. A deck (1 to 15 gram drugs) usually takes about 6 – 11 days to be delivered.

“However, anything above than a deck can be compromising. However with that being said, so far my stuffs never gets compromised,” Szjyaga wrote adding that he/she almost always sells drugs by decks.

When asked on the identities of Malaysians who buys his/her decks, the vendor was reluctant to tell their names but only replied that most of them were sons and daughters of high profile persons in the country.

Interestingly, although there were not many Malaysians who buys drugs for personal consumption online, the country, however was a growingly popular illegal narcotic hub.

A vendor, ‘Juicy Stripe’, confirmed with The Mole that a lot of his strains of liquid and crystal syabu were shipped to Malaysia.

“When you mentioned Malaysia, I thought you were an Iranian because a lot of my Malaysia-based clients are Iranians.

“And judging from the amount purchased, I think they are using my stuffs to cook newer strains for the market,” the vendor wrote.

A screen grab of The Mole's undercover interview with one of the online vendors in a dark web-based drug bazaar.

A screen grab of The Mole’s undercover interview with one of the online vendors in a dark web-based drug bazaar.



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