Buying “abortion pills” is easy in Malaysia


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – January 10, 2016: A check by The Mole has discovered that the illicit purchase of abortion inducing pills is easy as ABC.

This is despite the matter occasionally making headlines in the country’s mainstream and alternative media.

This time around, the matter became public knowledge after social media users shared several screenshots of text conversations between a satisfied buyer and a seller of the pills.

A gory picture of what looks like a dead foetus (supposedly that of the customer) with the caption ‘ubat tu memang berkesan’ (the pills really work) was also sent to the seller.

Apparently, seeking out sellers of the pills is easy; key in the correct phrase into Google’s search bar and the related information will be available.

Posing as a buyer, The Mole contacted a seller called Aisyah who runs the illicit business through her so-called ‘pre and post natal-care blog.’

According to Aisyah, who spoke Bahasa Malaysia with a thick Chinese accent, there are two types of pills that one must ingest in order to ensure ‘a successful abortion.’

“You must take both Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets,” Aisyah said to The Mole adding that the latter must be taken a day after the other.

“Mifepristone stops the secretion of the pregnancy-maintaining hormone while Misoprostol induces abortion by tricking the body that it is suffering from miscarriage,” she explained.

There are, added Aisyah, three ways to consume Misoprostol: placing it under the tongue, vaginal insertion or buccally (to place the pill in between the gum and cheek.)

The amount of pills needed, said Aisyah, depends on the duration of the pregnancy; for example a two months old foetus needs at least one Mifepristone and eight Misprostol tablets.

This, as she puts it, would cost RM470.

When asked about the procurement of the pills, Aisyah insisted that she deals strictly by postal services.

“COD (cash on delivery) is too risky for me. Our postal services are very good, I’ve been sending my goods all over the country, even as far as Kundasang (in Sabah),” she said.

Aisyah also said that through proper administration, there will be no trace of the pills in the bloodstream and body of those who consumed them.

On questions over the quality of the pills, she claimed that her “goods were top-notch” as her supplies came from private clinics, drug cartels and even government hospitals.

The Mole talked to an officer from the Health Ministry’s Pharmacy Division and according to him Misoprostol also known as Cytotec is a controlled drug that can only be dispensed by hospitals and pharmacies through a prescription.

“If you are unsure whether that seller is selling medicines illegally, always ask for the seller’s MAL (country identification code) number. If the number ends with X, T or N, the medicine is an over-the-counter drug,” said the officer who wanted to remain anonymous.

“If the numbers ends with an A, then it is a controlled medicine and it is illegal to sell it through the internet. Only certified doctors and pharmacists can dispense it,” he said.

Citing sections 13 and 32 of the Poisons Act, the officer said that both sellers and suppliers who were involved in such business shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding RM3,000 or jailed for up to one year or both.

And as for those who voluntarily commit abortion or causes miscarriage to a woman, lawyer Zaki Azmi said they can be jailed for up to seven years as abortion is an offence under the Penal Code.

“It is a grave offence unless it is done in good faith. For example section 315 of the act stipulates that doctors are allowed to perform abortion if it could save the life of the mother,” said Zaki.



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