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Burden of proof on Haziq; everything else an over-reaction

Haziq (left) and Azmin

Written by TheMole

June 14, 2019.

Recollections & Reflections – A commentary by Aziz Hassan

MALAYSIAN politics is abuzz again and just like in many other instances elsewhere, it’s all due to that something which some of us human beings can never have enough of. So here we are, having to deal again with sex and the politician.

The first signs of something more titillating came via WhatsApp with a video being forwarded all over the place.

What followed was a kick in the butt for most people, when political aide and PKR member Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz told the country that he was one of two blokes in the video shown to be engaging in homosexual sex. As if that was not enough, Haziq was to finger a minister as his partner and soon enough the country was talking about Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, the Economic Affairs Minister, and someone some think could be the next prime minister instead of his former boss Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who Azmin has ditched in favour of current PM Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

We will most likely never know why Haziq decided to come out in the open unless a case goes to court and he is asked that question but if nothing of what he said happened, the conclusion is that this young man from Sarawak with a law degree who also happens to know Anwar must simply be the suicidal type.

Based on his admission alone Haziq can be brought to court, certainly the syariah court, and as all accusations go, he is the only person who has to prove his case and prove it he must because the initial repercussion is already not in his favour.

He has lost his job and while he has the academic qualifications, Haziq may not find many potential employers rushing to give him a new job. If a court finds him to be a fraud, you can imagine how he will be vilified and how is going to face the public. His image will be in tatters and so too his family’s good name. This is why telling the truth is all that matters. I for one cannot imagine why anyone would pull a stunt as damaging as this one.

The more discerning amongst us find the reactions by Azmin and some others to the statements by Haziq mind-boggling. Azmin need not prove anything; neither his political secretary who admitted to meeting Haziq after the latter’s admission. Topping the cake is the remark by Mahathir to clear Azmin’s name and to also dismiss the videos as fake, which is something premature to say the least.

There is technology to touch up visuals and mess up with voices but the fact is no one anywhere in the world has been known to produce a video of say a five-minute or 10-minute duration with two real persons in a fictionalised story. Something like Donald Trump having a go at Vladimir Putin at a one-on-one encounter or a tryst involving two superstars from Hollywood or Bollywood.

Interestingly Haziq also mentioned about other trysts

A few days after his tell-all video minus the minister’s name, Haziq issued a statement to give more details of other trysts with the same man in the last few years. Mind you he was specific about the hotels they were at and where. On this there will be people who will ask “Why now?” but while that is a reaction to be expected, it should not distract from the likelihood that indeed something happened.

Some from Pakatan Harapan and the opposition Barisan Nasional have described this episode as gutter politics from which Malaysians should be walking away but unfortunately, politicians especially should be aware that this is the reality of politics, unpleasant or indecent though it may be. Adults in particular should know what can get them into trouble and those who are in a position of power and influence in a public office must also know that they must not only be clean but seen to be clean. The responsibility is theirs and theirs only, although the repercussions can affect others, especially their family.

And in politics a person in office is bound to have rivals and enemies and the latter groups are always on the lookout for anything damning that will adversely affect the former. This too is nothing unusual.

It must also be mentioned that two senior PKR politicians had reportedly forwarded the first video to a WhatsApp group they were in but both later came out with a denial, although the message came under their name/phone number. As far is known one gets into WA via one’s phone number, so the denial looks like a poor attempt to disassociate from a tangle.  

If this goes to court and many are anticipating that it will, the days ahead will be a busy time for Haziq who has to produce the evidence. Because something like semen or other DNA samples are most likely unavailable, the young man will have only the videos to prove his case and there are enough experts who can determine the authenticity, whatever the opinions of those not in favour of the Sarawakian.

As said earlier, Azmin or whoever it could have been in the recordings need not worry one bit and need not react at all because it is not necessary, even if indeed Haziq is telling the truth because of the onus on the burden of proof

There is also a common denominator in this case and others in the last 21 or so years and that is something that should be watched with interest.



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