“Bring it on!”, Arul Kanda tells Pua

Arul n Pua

KUALA LUMPUR – April 15, 2016: 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) president and executive director Arul Kanda Kandasamy had responded to DAP lawmaker Tony Pua’s latest debate challenge by saying, “Bring it on!”.

Pua, who is a member of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) issued a live televised debate challenge to the 1MDB president on issues surrounding the state-own company during a forum organised by Pakatan Harapan in Shah Alam.

Pua had repeatedly challenged Arul Kanda to a similar debate last year but it was put to a stop by Dewan Rakyat speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia as 1MDB was still at that time under PAC’s investigation.

Now that the probe had been wrapped and report on 1MDB had been tabled in parliament, Pua has once again challenged the 1MDB president.

Arul Kanda in a media release today accepted the challenge, and at the same time pointed out that Pua has contradicted himself before issuing it.

“It is clear that Tony is confused and contradicts himself. He does not know if he loves me or hates me. He says I should resign, and then says I need to stay on and debate with him.

“This is despite many in the DAP, including Tony, calling me a liar, who is not worth listening to. So why debate, when you will not listen to, or believe in anything I say?

“To avoid being embarrassed a second time, I hope Tony has first checked with the speaker of parliament before issuing this challenge,” he added.

The 1MDB president also chided Pua for “exclusively questioning” him for two days at the PAC hearings yet still wants to spend “quality time” with him.

“Far be it from me, to deny Tony this pleasure. I hereby accept the debate challenge. Bring it on!” he added.



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