Body of Cradle Fund CEO unlike those of other fire victims

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SHAH ALAM — Nov. 9, 2019: A fireman who saw the body of Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan described it as being unlike the bodies of other fire victims, notably it being in a straight position when found.

It further looked to Tanhoss Bah Agem that Nazrin didn’t appear to want to save himself.

Nazrin was found in a bedroom of his house at Mutiara Damansara on June 14, 2018. His wife Samirah Muzaffar, a former senior executive at the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia, her two sons aged 17 and 14, are facing trial for his murder. Also charged is their Indonesian maid Eka Wahyu Lestari, who is at large.

Based on his eight years of working experience Tanhoss spoke about the more than three cases involving fatalities, when the victims were often found trying to save themselves.

Normally the victims were found in various positions — some on their knees and lying face down, for example.

In a victim could not find a way out, he will die where he is looking for a way out, testified Tanhoss, who also recalled seeing burnt marks and a wound on the head, three puncture marks and a burnt object on the chest.

Tanhoss further related that on being told Nazrin was dead, Samirah gave a sigh. He demonstrated how Samirah had given that sigh.

Hearing continues next Friday. — Bernama



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