BN social media boys appear to go at each other’s throat


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – November 13, 2017: An Umno social media strategist Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz is claiming that certain Barisan Nasional (BN) social media players have misunderstood the contention on their purported ineffectiveness.

In this regard, he considers the reaction to a recent remark by Umno information technology bureau chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan on these people as unnecessary.

Ahmad was heavily criticised by BN social media supporter Ab. Jalil Backer after the former ripped into certain social media players for not doing enough to defend BN.

In his Facebook post two days ago, Jalil also sounded peeved when Ahmad bragged about how it was only after his efforts that BN and Umno managed to strengthen its clout in cyberspace.

“I think he (Jalil) has taken Datuk Ahmad Maslan’s speech out of context. The latter was speaking to the party’s machinery and not to pro-BN social media players,” said Tun Faisal, who is also the Special Affairs Department’s strategic communication director.

Tun Faisal also pointed out that no one should question the way each BN social media player is engaging the public in cyberspace “as each of them has his own target audience”.

“What matters the most for BN is for everyone to find ways to ride on each other’s strength.

When contacted, Jalil, who is known to be one of the pioneers in the country’s cyber war, insisted that it was not the first time Ahmad had spoken against other BN social media supporters.

“I admit that BN still lacks the kind of social media influence that the opposition enjoys and this is because it does not have enough social media supporters to effectively combat the negative perceptions against it.

“So when Datuk Ahmad chose to blame others, I think it’s only fair that he shows proof of the 4,000 Umno members that were claimed to have been trained to be BN’s social media operatives,” said Jalil.

If Umno’s IT bureau had indeed trained that many operatives, then the posts on its official Facebook page, Jaringan IT Umno, should not have barely a thousand likes each, argued Jalil. 

“His (Ahmad’s) tweets on Twitter hardly has 800 re-tweets. So how can he justify the money Umno has spent in training that many operatives?” asked Jalil.



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