BN haters Duke of KL turning against Pakatan

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – June 6, 2018: Cherry-picking facts to craft imbalanced comparisons to help Pakatan Harapan win the perception war against Barisan Nasional is what a group of BN haters had recently confessed to doing but that’s to be expected. If they did otherwise it could then be described as a major catastrophe…….

But let’s see what the story is all about.

Three administrators who manage the Duke of KL (DOKL) Twitter account recently did an Australia-Malaysia milk price comparison to illustrate Malaysians’ purportedly depressing living conditions.

It was an unfair comparison because Australia produces 9 billion litres of that product compared to Malaysia’s 80 million litres – a point DOKL had admitted to two days ago.

Their biggest ploy however is the vilification of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) that they touted as the root cause of all price hikes – which they confessed as being untrue in a series of tweets.

Not unexpectedly, the more social media-savvy leaders of Pakatan not only retweeted their views but also echoed a more spiced-up version of this contention in their rallies in the run-up to the May 9 polls.

“But once they won they should not be practising the same strategy to mislead the people. As a government you should not behave like an opposition,” wrote Duke of KL in an interview via Twitter.

Stressing that they did not regret doing the tell-all confession, the trio who operate from the Oceania region revealed that what triggered the Monday-admission was the government’s Tabung Harapan donation drive.

To the unfamiliar, the initiative was started following the revelation that the country’s debts had apparently risen to RM1 trillion, about RM320 billion above the official statistic based on international definitions.

“It (Tabung Harapan) was done in order to gain political mileage for PH. Lim and Rafizi Ramli (PKR vice-president) had done it.

“The purpose was not to raise funds. Instead it was to show that the people are supporting them,” wrote DOKL, adding that it was more helpful to the country if Malaysians was to buy non-contraband cigarettes.

The trio who claimed to be experts in economics, politics and philosophy also protested against the government’s unconventional definition of national debt.

They insisted that the government’s use of the term national debt is wrong because the amounts should have been specified as national debts and liabilities or guarantees.

“We learn accounting and economics. This (RM1 trillion national debts) cannot be accepted as it might cause investors to perceive our economic performance negatively,” wrote DOKL.

They cited the exodus of foreign investors who had withdrawn a total of USD937.8 million from the local stock market since May 10 as being the consequence of the whole RM1trillion debacle.

And in one their tweets, they argued that the reason Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad continues to harp about the debts was because he needs a reason to justify the government’s inability to fulfil Pakatan’s electoral pledges.

Now that they are pissed off with Pakatan, the trio are taking on the role of being a watchdog for all political parties.

“We’re mad at BN but If PH is involved in any wrongdoing, then we will criticise them as much as we did to BN. The people deserve to know the truth so they could be more aware of our political arena,” wrote DOKL.




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