BN crushes PH in Cameron Highlands

Ramli Mohd Noor

Ramli Mohd Noor

Written by TheMole

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 26 2019 :  Barisan Nasional (BN) scored a crushing victory in the Cameron Highlands by-election today by defeating Pakatan Harapan (PH) in a convincing manner.

The victory was exceptional as BN had won the parliament seat by an impressive 3,238-vote majority, which is a significant improvement compared to the just several hundred votes in the last two general elections in 2018 and 2013.

BN’s candidatee Ramli Mohd Noor, 61, who is a retired senior policeman became the the country’s first Orang Asli to become an MP, after taking 12,038 votes.

PH’s Manogaran Marimuthu only managed to garner 8,800 votes, while independent candidates Sallehudin Ab Talib received 314 votes and Wong Seng Yee (276 votes).

Ramli, a BN’s direct candidate (not from any of its component parties), was announced as the winner by the Returning Officer Datuk Ishak Md Napis at 8.35 pm.

With  about 70 per cent of the 32,000 eligible voters cast their ballot, the by-election recorded the highest turnout in the five by-elections after the 14th General Election in May last year.

The Cameron Highlands electorate breakdown are Malay 33.5 per cent; Chinese 29.48 per cent; Indian 14.91 per cent; Orang Asli (Peninsular Malaysia) 21.56 per cent; Bumiputera Sabah 0.12 per cent; Bumiputera Sarawak 0.06 per cent; Others 0.37 per cent. 

PH had won a court decision in November last year declaring BN’s 567-vote victory in Cameron Highlands last year was due to vote buying to trigger the by-election. 



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