BN accepts apologies over fake bra poster

A side by side comparison of the real and the fake Permatang Pauh BN poster.

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – April 13, 2018: The Permatang Pauh Barisan Nasional has put the issue of the fake brassieres handout behind it after accepting the apologies from the two persons responsible for this.

Hence it has withdrawn the police report against the two identified as Ismail and Amran Nordin, who called the area’s BN coordinator Datuk Mohd. Zaidi Mohd. Said last night to apologise.

“They sounded sincere and deeply regretted making the fake poster… it was a case of a prank gone wrong, they told me,” said Zaidi in a video posted at the Permatang Pauh BN Facebook page earlier today.

“I forgave them because we (BN Permatang Pauh) don’t really have anything to lose but they, on the other hand, will probably face harsh punishment under the Anti-Fake News law.”

The fake poster featured a man wearing a BN shirt and a white cutout of a bra with a caption saying “jom pi periksa dada, dapat terus sarung dada” (Let’s get your breasts checked and get free bras).

It went viral on social media two days ago.

Zaidi yesterday said that the poster had been modified from a genuine poster of BN Permatang Pauh’s complimentary eye examination event on April 15.

The genuine poster showed Zaidi wearing a BN shirt and a white cutout of eyeglasses with the caption “jom pi periksa mata, dapat terus cermin mata” (Let’s get our eyes checked and then get free spectacles).

“I would also like to remind others that I will not be as forgiving as I am today. Let this be a lesson so that the trend of spreading fake news can be curbed,” said Zaidi.



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