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Blogs need a push to improve presence – media experts


KUALA LUMPUR – Jan 19, 2016: Bloggers must integrate their weblogs (blog) with other social media platforms in order to stay relevant and boost their online presence, say experts.

Ever since 2008, social media practitioners and experts are contemplating on whether blog is becoming outdated. For some, blog has even lost against sharper and simpler mediums; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to name a few.

Local media experts who talked to The Mole agreed that blog has rather past its prime in 2000 to 2010 and it needs a little push to increase its significance and readership.

Social media expert Shahnon Mohamed Salleh of the Centre of Media and Information Warfare Studies, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) said that blog is still influential, but needs help from other social media for “crowd-pulling” effects.

“Serious bloggers should continue blogging. Twitter and Facebook are only suitable for sharing quick thoughts and opinion, or responses to news reports. But it can never replace blog articles.

“Although blog’s influence has diminished, the newer social media platforms can complement it. Perhaps integration between these two is necessary, by having social media share or link buttons on blogs,” he added.

He added, politically, there is still a huge number of serious and influential local blogs like ‘’, ‘The Scribe A. Kadir Jasin’, ‘Rocky’s Bru’, ‘Big Dog’s’, ‘Zamkata’, ‘Malaysia Today’, ‘Jebat Must Die’ and others that are worth the read.

All in all, the analyst reiterated that blog is relevant and will continue to be influential, provided that bloggers present good contents for readers as “content is king”.

Journalism and media warfare expert Professor Dr Mokhtar Muhammad of the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, UiTM commented that blog is getting outmoded, depending on the “angle” or the writing style presented by bloggers.

Mokhtar said that some bloggers had quickly made their sites into a place to complain and tell stories, instead of acting as a serious tool to share information and initiate public opinion.

He added, although blog is used as one of the primary campaigning tools during election, it is now becoming ineffective as the people prefer more “trendy” media platforms that offer “fast and verified” information.

Mokhtar suggests for bloggers to incorporate additional applications or links to “pull and attract readers” and improving their blogs to become a “one-stop information centre”.

“The new generation tend to opt for interactive site that has it all; verified information, videos, photos, and also links to related stories.

“Bloggers can also attract readers to their sites by sharing their postings in microblogs (Facebook or Twitter) first. With this, readers can get the gist of the story and eventually visit their blogs for full article,” he added.



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