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Bloggers unfazed by Trump’s win, see China as saviour


KUALA LUMPUR – November 10, 2016: Prominent local social-political bloggers think Malaysians should not worry over the impact of the victory of United States president-elect Donald Trump yesterday.

In agreeing that many are worried, as it is believed that Trump’s election can cause economic and global uncertainties they however point to Malaysia’s strengthening bond with China as a factor that will help safeguard Malaysia’s interests.

Anonymous blogger A Voice aka Another Brick in The Wall writes that due to the uncertainties, Malaysians should start looking forward to the enhanced ties with China.

He cites the lack of American investments in Malaysia of late and that when President Barack Obama last came here, only RM1 billion worth of investment were secured. But just one trip to China by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak recently ended in deals worth RM144 billion.

“Trump will likely lead America into isolation. Cost-cutting businessman mindset and more so, the Republicans’ free market economic ideology will not solve their twin deficits in the near term and bring them closer to the tipping point,” said A Voice.

Another anonymous blogger Life of Annie is of the same opinion, and added that China will lend Malaysia a helping hand should anything untoward happen.

“I don’t think we in Malaysia should worry too much about what the US will do under Trump because we are now a good friend of China. Anything happens, I’m quite sure China will back us up. They are pouring billions into our country and I’m quite sure they will not let Trump and his gringos come here and disturb us.”

Datuk Ahirudin Attan or Rocky’s Bru speculates that the worries over Trump’s victory will fade away soon, adding that any ill effects drawn by the current governance of the new president-elect will be secured by the government’s ties with China.

“As Najib says, Trump’s victory will not affect our ties with America. But, if Trump’s America turns ugly, uglier than it already is, then there’s always China. It’s not a pretty alternative, but we’ve always wanted to Look East anyway,” says Ahirudin.

Captain (R) Rahmat Haniff alias Seademon Says echoes similar sentiment, asserting that the bond between Malaysia and China will be beneficial to the country, compared to that with the US.

“It is not surprising then to see Prayuth Chan-O-Cha of Thailand, Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore, Rpdrigo Duterte of the Philippines and Najib Razak of Malaysia visit China in May, September, mid-October and end October respectively to strengthen ties and increase trade with China.  Purchasing the Chinese corvettes was definitely a good decision now given that any purchase from the West would come with lots of strings attached,” he wrote.

But Helen Ang thinks that Najib can learn from the US election.

“Trump tasked his aide ‘to listen to thousands of hours of talk radio and deliver reports on what resonated with Republican voters. The Donald was willing to put his ears to the ground and find out what his party core (the Republican “fixed deposit”) cared about.

“Has Najib been doing the same diligently?” she asked.



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