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Blogger in trouble over extortion allegation


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – October 7, 2016: An anonymous blogger is in hot soup for allegedly trying to blackmail the country’s fourth largest oil and gas special purpose acquisition company, Reach Energy Berhad.

This case has been highlighted by journalist/blogger Datuk Ahirudin Attan in his latest blog post in which he says the blogger is a former business journalist.

The blogger aka Nuclermanbursa was said to have been paid to discredit the company.

“He was willing to stop writing about the company if they had paid him more than he was paid to discredit Reach Energy,” wrote Ahirudin, also widely known as Rocky.

In his post, Ahirudin points out that reports on the blogger’s extortion attempts were lodged not only with the police but also the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

One reminded from Rocky to bloggers is that anonymity in cyberspace does not give them immunity from the law.

“Big Brother knows who you are. If you break the law, the law will break you,” Ahirudin wrote.

But Nuclearmanbursa, in a blog post yesterday, denied meeting any official from the company over the past three months.

“Did this blog receive funding to kill Reach Energy? Well if it did it certainly did not come to me.”

The blogger insisted that he has the right to  like or dislike any company that he wants because “this is my blog.”

“What I cannot do though is write lies just because I do not like the company or its investment.

“If I am writing lies, please do the needful. If I have met any Reach Energy officer in an official or unofficial capacity, please do the needful,” the blogger wrote.

Interestingly, several commenters at Nuclearmanbursa seemed to be having the same opinion as Ahirudin..

“Most of your articles are about Reach… If you are talking about yield investors, why don’t you write about Red Sena, which is another SPAC. Come on Francis be fair,” wrote Jimm.

“Your articles are all nonsense,” wrote Sha Hamon. “You have no proper factual finding and you exaggerate a bit.”

“I suggest you shut the h#^^ up and leave people alone. What if someone you insulted comes after your family too, then how?” the commentator added.



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Zaidi Azmi

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