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Blogger disputes TI’s corruption perception index


Written by TheMole

KUALA LUMPUR – February 3, 2017: A blogger has challenged the latest corruption perception index issued by the Transparency International local chapter as being questionable, faulty and biased.

Anonymous blogger A Voice of Another Brick in The Wall made the claim based on the purportedly biased sample size of the survey.

TI Malaysia, in a report published three days ago, concluded that 60 per cent of Malaysians felt that the country’s level of corruption had increased.

It also suggest that 62 per cent believed that the government was handling the fight against corruption badly.

“The sample is fairly biased against the police, tax officials and local government,” the blogger wrote yesterday.

According to the blogger, the brief overview of the survey’s sample size indicated that not even five per cent of respondents were from the said occupation groups.

He also noted that the bulk of the survey’s respondents were those in the never had a job category.

The survey's brief sample size overview

The survey’s brief sample size overview

He thus questioned the accuracy of the survey which concluded that 57 per cent of the respondents perceived policemen as the most corrupt, followed by finance ministry officials and local government tax collectors.

“The sample is not likely to have a high percentage of respondents having direct dealings with representatives in the legislature as well as judges and magistrate but yet perceived them as corrupt,” the blogger reasoned.

Another discrepancy, as the blogger put it, was the contradiction between respondents’ bribery experiences and their perception of corruption.

“Only 13 per cent and 5 per cent have bribery experiences with the police and courts, yet 57 per cent and 35 per cent respectively perceived the police and judges as corrupt.

“This survey is deficient and biased. Insufficient analysis and thought was done. Too many inconsistencies in the answers. More thorough study needs to be done,” the blogger wrote.



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