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Blogger claims ignorance over court hearing

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – Oct 7, 2016: A blogger sued by Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB) insists that he was not aware he was required to enter his defence at a high court here yesterday.

Abdul Zaharin Mohd. Yasin, who blogs as ‘Sang Kelembai’, gave this explanation when he was asked by about his failure to turn up.

“That one I don’t know,” Zaharin texted, adding that he is still waiting for the summons to be served on him.

“I know that I am being sued because someone ordered them (MRCB) to. But that is okay because soon BN (Barisan Nasional) won’t be the ruling government,” wrote Zaharin, who is a former Bandar Tun Razak Umno division secretary.

Zaharin was sued by MRCB on August 10 following his allegedly slanderous Facebook posting which accused the company of racial nepotism.

In the post dated August 3, Zaharin alleged that MRCB had sidelining the Malays.

The notice from MRCB’s lawyers Shearn Delamore and Co. said Zaharin’s post had also insinuated that MRCB wanted to monopolise every land in the city.

The notice further said Zaharin  had made the allegations after his failure to secure political donations from MRCB group managing director Tan Sri Mohamad Salim Fateh Din.

An officer from MRCB’s corporate communications department told The Mole the company will issue a statement on this soon.



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