Biker Anita successfully circumnavigates the globe

Traveler Anita Yusof at Vladivostok, Russia.

Traveler Anita Yusof at Vladivostok, Russia.

KUALA LUMPUR – Aug 22, 2016: Biker Anita Yusof, who is currently on a solo ride from the United States back to Malaysia, on Friday completed the segment of her trip from Seattle to Vladivostok.

What that means is that if Seattle and Vladivostok are not separated by the North Pacific Ocean, she would have travelled “around the globe” from the western-most point of her riding plan to the eastern-most point.

Anita, who is a lecturer at the Institute of Teacher Education in Ipoh, started her “Global Dream Ride” (GDR) journey on September 13 last year, flying to Seattle from here. On September 15, a day after her arrival, she started her ride.

Her journey involved crossing 30 countries in three continents — America, Europe and Asia. To date, she has travelled for 345 days.

In her Facebook post on Friday, Anita wrote that she had finally reached Vladivostok, on day 342.

From Seattle she travelled to Alaska, Ushuaia, Buenos Aires, London, Lisbon, the Balkans, Central Asia and then to Russia.

“After 60,000km, I finally reached the eastern-most point for GDR, which is Vladivostok. Meaning to say, I had successfully circumnavigated the globe from west to east.

“It had been a long ride. Far enough — and long enough.”

Anita also would want an accolade as the first Muslim woman to travel around the globe solo by motorbike.

Highlighting the ride she had endured for the past 11 months, Anita wrote that it involved major pain, struggle, fight and survival.

“What had I been through? Only me and Allah know.

“I’m not an Olympian. I didn’t win any Olympic medal. I didn’t win any race. I didn’t win any game. But, I won a battle which only few men in this world dared to fight, let alone a woman.”

She also expressed her gratitude to those who have supported her journey, including her financiers and hosts.

“To my sponsors, I have delivered my promise. To my true friends and loyal supporters, I hope the time you spent following my adventure and to pray for my safe journey has been worthwhile.

“To all my hosts, you are now a part of the history created today. To my God, I hope you will accept my little jihad in cleaning the bad image of Islam and please bless me and all who have helped me in GDR for the rest of our lives.

“Last but not least, to my country, Malaysia, I hope I have made you proud by putting your name in the eyes of the world.”

Based on another Facebook status, the solo traveller is expected to arrive home in about 25 days.

Journey from Seattle, USA to Vladivostok, Russia by airplane.

Journey from Seattle to Vladivostok by plane takes about 13 hours. (From Anita Yusof’s Facebook post).



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