Azmin can be sued

There's Azmin (left) and police chief Khalid.

There's Azmin (left) and police chief Khalid.

Nikita Nawawi
Written by Nikita Nawawi

KUALA LUMPUR – May 7, 2015: After calling the national police chief a barua or stooge of Umno, PKR vice-president and Selangor Mentri Besar Azmin Ali may find himself the subject of a lawsuit.

Lawyer Datuk Mohd. Haaziq Pillay says that Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar has a legitimate case over what he describes as a distasteful election campaign by Azmin in the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election being held today.

“A responsible politician would never make such a statement. Azmin is only making a fool of himself,” remarked Haaziq.

While campaigning last Sunday, Azmin reportedly asked police personnel who could be in the crowd to ask if Khalid was doing the bidding of Umno leaders.

While going on the verbal offensive against an opponent is standard fare in politics, another lawyer Mohamad Zaki Azmi considers Azmin’s attack as badly off target.

“Khalid and the police have no business in the by-election. They are not the ones contesting.

“Azmin’s remark tarnishes Khalid’s reputation while also undermining his credibility.”

Social media too had its fair share of posts on this.

One Afiqah Aisyah Bahar wrote to say that she did not expect this from someone with Azmin’s educational background.

P.L. Chwa wrote this her Facebook page: “Sepatutnya seorang pemimpin walau apa pun situasinya mesti kawal perasaan dan tutur katanya.” (A leader should have his emotions and words in check regardless the situation.)

Eyza Abu had this to say: “Memang tak suka pemimpin…. orang yang jadi ketua cakap tidak ada adab. (I despise leaders who do not have decorum.)”



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