Arul tells Pua to stop monkey business

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – August 17, 2015: The feud between 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua continues today as the government-owned investment firm strikes back at Pua’s latest “monkey business”.

1MDB president and group executive director Arul Kanda Kandasamy, in a press statement pointed that Pua have continued with his “rehashed” allegations against the company.

“We refer to a press statement today by YB Tony Pua, further to his “chicken challenge” issued yesterday. We note that today, YB Tony Pua refers to himself as a “monkey”.

“1MDB is glad that YB Tony Pua is the “monkey on our back” and not one that “sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil”.

Arul Kanda said that while Pua’s public scrutiny and questioning on 1MDB was important to establish the truth but now his recycled questions and claims have become redundant as 1MDB had previously answered all of his questions.

He refuted Pua’s allegations that “there’s hardly anyone left investigating the company” by listing several lawful authorities that are currently investigating 1MDB.

“He has conveniently forgotten to highlight that lawful authorities such as the Attorney-General, Auditor-General, PDRM (police), BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia), MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) and PAC (Public Account Committee), are all currently pursuing investigations on 1MDB, in a thorough, professional and independent manner,” he said.

Arul Kanda said that he had, in good faith, offered to engage Pua and share with him facts on 1MDB, but deemed that the DAP politician was never interested to have such engagement and was only aiming to “score political points.”

“As evidenced by YB Tony Pua’s subsequent and ongoing conduct, it is clear he is not interested in the truth.

“Rather, his aim is to score political points, undermine ongoing investigations and negatively impact 1MDB’s rationalisation plan.

“Such “monkey business” by YB Tony Pua does not benefit anyone. Malaysia is not a jungle – we have due process, procedures and laws to be followed.

“Accordingly, the lawful authorities must be allowed to carry on with their investigations.

“1MDB is very much focused on the implementation of our rationalisation plan to stabilise the company and reduce our debts to a sustainable level. Please let us carry on with our job.”

Yesterday, 1MDB had told Pua to wait for the outcome of investigations on the company instead of issuing a “chicken challenge” to Arul.

The state-own strategic investment company pointed that despite its clarifications on issues raised against it, Pua had continued with his provocative statements.

Pua in his statement yesterday challenged Arul Kanda to a debate saying that he was accepting the 1MDB president’s dialogue offer to the company’s critics which was made in January.



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