Areas in northern Perlis & Kedah flooded

Perlis has been hit often by floods in recent years and a flood mitigation project is being undertaken to divert excess water into the sea.

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KANGAR — September 17, 2015: Heavy rain over the past three days has caused floods in low-lying areas in the state.

According to a statement from the state National Security Council, one evacuation centre was opened this morning at the Kampung Padang
Melaka community hall, Batu Bertangkup, to accommodate 50 people from 12 families.

The Civil Defence Department also informed that another evacuation centre was opened this afternoon at the Kampung Panggas Besar community hall, for about 20 people from five families.

It is understood that more evacuation centres have been opened, including at the Mata Ayer and Arau service centres, with the number of evacuees yet to be ascertained.

Water level readings in several rivers such as Sungai Pelarit, Sungai Jarum, Sungai Buluh and Sungai Batu Pahat exceeded the danger level.

In Changlun, Kedah, over 1,000 residents from eight villages are reportedly affected by floods following heavy rain since two days ago.

The villages are Kampung Paya Nomi, Kampung Belukar, Kampung Rantau, Pekan Changlun, Kampung Sungai Petani, Taman Rasa Sayang, Kampung Bendang Ceruk and Kampung Padang Pasir, involving 600 houses.

Flooding occurred when water from Sungai Changlun overflowed its banks early this morning.

A resident of Changlun town, Rozali Man, 50, said water began to seep into his house about 9am.

“My family was making early preparations by putting important items at higher spots when water began to overflow into my single-storey
house,” he said.

Sabrie Arsula, 70, also from Changlun town, said water began to inundate his house about 4.30am. — Bernama




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