Apply for welfare aid where you are registered as voter, says Guan Eng

Lim Guan Eng

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BUTTERWORTH, June 3 2019 : Those applying for welfare aid need to ensure they are registered voters in the constituency they are seeking help from.

Bagan member of parliament Lim Guan Eng said his constituency service centre has been facing difficult situations in which individuals seeking aid have been found not be registered voters there.

“There are many (welfare aid) applications on my table but strangely many of the applicants are not even registered voters here. As a government, we care for those facing economic difficulty or health problems but please ensure you are a voter in the constituency first as this is a Federal (Government) requirement.

“Applicants cannot cross into another constituency to seek help,” Lim said in his speech at a breaking of fast ceremony with locals at the Kampung Sungai Nyior surau here, yesterday.

At the same time, Lim, who is also Finance Minister, reminded the people, especially those in the B40 group, to apply for the mySalam Health Protection Scheme which covers 36 critical illnesses.

This initiative is aimed at helping the underprivileged have access to healthcare services, he said, adding that the government is fully aware that there are families, who cannot afford health insurance.

The government is now drafting a new scheme that prior to this has never been implemented in Malaysia or even in South East Asia, he said, without giving further details. – Bernama



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