Appeal for stiffer punishment against couple not well received

Lor Ka Hoo (left) and wife Tan Sit Fun (right) sentenced to 14 days in jail after harassing a female MBSA officer last week.

KUALA LUMPUR – Nov 28, 2016: There appear to be reservations over the decision of the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to appeal against the apparently light sentence on the couple who had harassed and manhandled a public servant late last week.

While it is agreed that couple must be punished equitably, some are of the view that the AGC should move on to bigger and more serious issues.

In a press statement yesterday, AG Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali said his office had filed an appeal against the sentence meted by the Shah Alam magistrate’s court on the couple last Friday.

Lor Ka Hoo, 35, and his wife Tan Sit Fun, 30, had manhandled a female Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) officer last week following a dispute over a parking ticket.

According to Apandi, the AGC felt that the 14-day jail sentence and RM3, 000 fine were inadequate.

“Although both pleaded guilty, a commensurate sentence should be imposed as a lesson to them, as well as others, to not commit the same mistake,” said the statement.

This has not gone down well with some Facebookers.

Tan Zu Hao thinks that the ACG should not pay too much attention to a small case. “Our AG should pursue every case with this amount of hard work, including the assault involving the MP in Parliament last week.”

Luke Hs agrees. “As much as I despise the action of the couple, I feel that he (Apandi) should be paying attention on other serious cases.”

So does Richard Yong. “I agree with the heavier penalty but not when there is double standard towards other cases.”

Skyler Skyler believes that all cases should be treated fairly. “Charge them adequately but don’t forget to charge all criminals adequately too.”

The two were arrested following the incident in Sungai Buloh on Thursday. After a video of it went viral many expressed outrage on social media.



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